Publishing Class at the New York Art Book Fair : AA BRONSON LIKES OUR MAKESHIFT MOBILE STAND

Publishing Class II will participate in Printed Matter's seventh annual New York Art Book Fair, from 28 till 30 September at MoMA PS1, Long Island, Queens.

Publishing Class II's thirteen singular books and printed matters will be annexed to the Casco and Witte de With table. The class's myriad of publications range from narratives that recall an 'ethnographic rhythm' of story telling, esoteric chronicles that hover in between universes and mediate liminal spaces, vinyl audio components, experimental scores; and a reflection of a mass collective choreography asks us to 'TURN!' and to consider the complexities of collaborative work and probes us further to interrogate the authorial position.

Stop by, say hi and pick up a book if you are in the neighbourhood!



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