Is there life after DAI ? A series of short articles written by Marianna Maruyama (DAI, 2014), will introduce you to a subjective selection of current praxes as 'lived' and expressed by former DAI-students.

11.01.17 | tag: on line

From recommendation letters via the occasional small job to content driven commissions and collaborations, DAI is committed to support its alumni, in a variety of ways, whenever this makes sense. We are keen to publish their activities in the news section on our home-page as this keeps us (and others) abreast of how our alumni are finding their ways in the world. Recently we have begun to invite alumni 'back' into the DAI-weeks, in the roles of auditors as well as of presenters during our APRC-sessions and as auditors/contributors to our Roaming Assembly-program. In 2016-2017 we want to further our alumni program by facilitating a more extensive 'package' of meetings between alumni, (guest-)tutors, current students and associate researchers in order to share recent research & insights and to strengthen the networks evolving from our delightful 'fleeting community'.

With this in mind we have invited Marianna Maruyama to re-invent and to sustain the digital platform of the Alumni Embassy. In the coming months you may expect many more new articles to be published here.  

More interested in writing with other artists than about them, Marianna Maruyama has made critical art writing a key part of her practice. This process always begins by listening to other artists’ stories and questions, experiencing their work, reading their texts and, when possible, getting to know them personally; from there she writes with the aim of supporting artists who would like to reach out to new publics.