Important information for NON-EU/EER students who do wish to register and live in the Netherlands


ArtEZ provides an accelerated procedure to apply for visa. 

Students from many non-EU countries wanting to register and live in the Netherlands need to obtain an entry visa (MVV) before they can enter the Netherlands.

Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, United States are exempt from MVVvisa requirements.

Students from all other non-European countries are required to obtain this so-called MVV visa: as soon as you pass our selection procedure you will be informed on how to obtain a visa.

ArtEZ, of which the DAI is a part, has a special agreement with the Immigration Department (IND) for an accelerated application process. If you are accepted to the DAI, the ArtEZ International Office will apply for an entry visa on your behalf. This process is faster and more secure than applying for visa on your own.

In order for the visa application procedure to be started, you will need to have sufficient financial means to cover the costs of studying and living in the Netherlands. For 2015-2016, the Dutch Immigration Service has set this amount at €10.000 plus tuition fees. You will receive this money back after the visa application is completed. But first you must transfer €10.000 plus the amount needed to cover the tuition fees of € 9.335 or €3.100 to ArtEZ's bank account (for explanation of these numbers see tuition fees and study costs for NON-EU/EER nationals).

ArtEZ will not only use this amount to pay your tuition fees but also to cover the costs of application for your entry visa and residence permit (€ 600). When you have opened your Dutch bank account, ArtEZ will transfer the remainder (the rest) of this sum to your account as soon as possible. Accordingly, you can use this remainder to cover your living expenses and additional costs.

Non-EU/EER students accepted to our program should contact our co-ordinator Education and Student Affairs, Mr. Rik Fernhout who will introduce you to the ArtEZ International Office.

Nuffic, the Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education, also provides extensive information about studying in the Netherlands:

Non- EU/EER students wishing to enroll at the DAI and to attend the monthly DAI-weeks while traveling from their residency OUTSIDE of the Netherlands are advised to carefully read more HERE.