Kapsalon at UND 7 / Mercedes Azpilicueta a.o.

| tag: Karlsruhe

Kapsalon (Isabella Gerstner, Wolfgang Wirth, Marc de Maisonneuve, Klaus Bock and Mercedes Azpilicueta) have all been artists in residence in Rotterdam in 2011. The experience of sharing time and working on projects together led to the idea of establishing a permanent structure for common work though all of them currently live in different places.

Kapsalon is a test set-up to recontextualize ourselves as a collective disembodied voice.

Kapsalon is taking part in the UND 7, a platform for art initiatives in Karlsruhe.

March 7th to 11th 2012.


Mercedes Azpilicueta is a student at the DAI