Writing a Master Thesis

HOW TO DO THINGS WITH THEORY offers a two year trajectory oriented towards the writing of a master thesis. This path is designed to help students to develop skills to formulate relevant questions which strengthen their praxes and allow them to position themselves and their work in broader contexts. In the first year students are required to finalize the Academic Writing Class (which includes the presentation of a thesis proposal). In the second year students receive prolonged personal guidance from one theory tutor assigned to them at the end of the first year of study - after they have presented their thesis proposal. In general this is the tutor of the HTDTWT-seminar they will attend during the second year at DAI.

Thesis Coaching Matches 2022-2023

Writing Classes

first year

2022-2023 Academic Writing classes for students in their first year

The How To Do Things With Theory senior program co-ordinator is Florian Göttke. Students and tutors are kindly requested to direct all their questions in regard to the modus operandi of this curruculum component to him. 

Seminars PAST are to be found under Depot

For the formal embedding of HTDTWT within the accredited DAI Art Praxis curriculum, you are advised to consult our Syllabus 2021-2022.

For the abstracts introducing all written theses since 2007, you can visit our Thesis Abstracts  under ARCHIVE on this website.