DAI week 6 ~ April 2023 in St. Erme

When: April 14 - 22

Where: PAF

Students can safely book their ticket to Brussels. DAI will organize a touring-car from Brussels to St.Erme. If it is cheaper to fly to Paris instead of Brussels, including your roundtrip train costs from Paris to St.Erme, inform j.vanderspek@artez.nl at the latest 4 weeks before the start of the DAI week. 

What: regular DAI Week

April 14: Arrival students

Apr 15: HTDTWT

Apr 16: HTDTWT

Apr 17: Planetary Campus: Kitchen

Apr 18: Planetary Campus: Factory 2.0

Apr 19: COOP

April 20: COOP

April 21: COOP

Apr 22: Departure all