DAI week 5 ~ March 2023 in St. Erme

When: March 2-11

Where: PAF

Students can safely book their ticket to Brussels. DAI will organize a touring-car from Brussels to St.Erme. If it is cheaper to travel to Paris instead of Brussels, including your roundtrip train costs from Paris to St.Erme, inform j.vanderspek@artez.nl at the latest 4 weeks before the start of the DAI week. 

What: regular DAI Week

Thursday March 2: arrival students at St. Erme by coach from Brussels

Friday March 3 

What: Kitchen

Location: various PAF spaces

10:00 Welcome & introduction of the guest respondents: 

Valentina Curandi and Arnisa Zeqo


10:20 Pelumi Adejumo

11:00 Zoé Couppé

11:40 Ania Yilmaz

12:20 Louis Schou-Hansen

13:00 LUNCH

14:20 Kıvanç Sert

15:00 Yi-Hong Wang (Hong)

15:40 Celeste Perret

16:20 Francesca Pionati

17:00 BREAK (snacks)  

17:30 Meii Soh

18:10 Cornelia Isaksson

18:50 Wrap Up

19:15 DINNER           

Saturday March 4: HTDTWT seminar

In-space Dinner Wanderley Santos & all students in the ballroom

Dinner meeting HTDTWT team & crew in a separate room

Sunday March 5: HTDTWT seminar

Monday March 6: Planetary Campus: Factory 2.0

+f2f with Gabriëlle

+academic writing

Tuesday March 7: Planetary Campus: Factory 2.0  

+f2f with Gabriëlle

+academic writing

Wednesday March 8: COOP

+f2f with Gabriëlle

Thursday March 9: COOP

+f2f with Gabriëlle

Friday March 10: COOP

+f2f with Gabriëlle 

Saturday March 11: Departure all, by coach from St.Erme to Brussels