2022- 2023 DAI Week 1

"La mer a tojours raison" was composed and directed by Alexandra Duvekot and Rosa Ronsdorf during DAI Week 8 at PAF, 2021 when 18 students had to self-isolate in order to contain the risk of a wide spread Covid contamination. 

DAI Week 1

When: October 12-19

Where: PAF, St. Erme

What: introduction week 2022-2023

Preparation:  You can safely book your ticket to Brussels. DAI will organize a touring-car from Brussels to St.Erme on the 12th of October. If it is cheaper from your destination to fly to Paris instead of Brussels (including your roundtrip train costs from Paris to St.Erme) you must inform j.vanderspek@artez.nl at the latest 4 weeks before the start of the DAI week.


Wednesday Oct 12: Arrival incoming + returning students. 

Thursday Oct 13: mixed program

Friday Oct 14: mixed program COOP & HTDTWT

Saturday Oct 15: mixed program COOP & HTDTWT

Sunday Oct 16: mixed program COOP & HTDTWT

Monday Oct 17: Factory 2:0 & more

Tuesday Oct 18: Factory 2:0 & more 

Wednesday Oct 19: Dept all

A touring car departs from PAF to Brussels.