Vera Mühlebach ~ Keywords: contemporary art economy, political economy, artistic critique, critical virtue, labour conditions of art workers, inherent structures, conversation, education, performance, relational research

Vera Mühlebach, born 1992 and living in Basel (CH), is an artist who uses the characteristics of her context, as well as the ways people engage with it, to propose interactions in the form of performances and installations. She likes to question the system of value production and the implicit and explicit structures of the spaces for which she produces work. The audience and actors present are often invited to engage actively in her propositions. 
Vera holds a bachelor's degree from HEAD Geneva and a master's degree from the DAI Roaming Art Academy and has shown her work in exhibitions such as "Moderne Gefühle" organised by the collective Club Dänemark and "Touch of Things" curated by Bagno Popolare & PerformPerform.



Learn more about Vera Mühlebach's written MA thesis (DAI, 2022): The Critical Attitude in Contemporary European Art Education

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