DAI crew available to support you during and in-between DAI Weeks

It is important to keep in mind that all pastoral care and support for the 3000 students at ArtEZ, our parent university, has been centrally organized and is steered by ArtEZ Student Affairs. If you feel the need for a confidential meeting you must in principle contact the student counsellor’s office of ArtEZ. DAI is charged for this service from its budget. That said: within limited budgets we do make our own efforts as well.

Here is an overview of DAI's crew members in charge of your wellbeing as a student at DAI:

* For all things in direct relation to your health and well being as a roaming student, please contact Jacq van der Spek: senior program co-ordinator hospitality & care, as well as emergency response certificate holder. 

*When in need of a recommendation letter (also if it needs a signature from the head of program), or of advice and support on all "technicalities" around your study (points, rules, registration, regulations, deferral, mediation with ArtEZ departments, Project Fund payments etc etc), please contact Rik Fernhout: advisor, senior learning co-ordinator study trajectory. 

*In general: feel free to ask the DAI Care Crew to help you make connection with any of the help organisations listed on the Rights, Care, Support page, should you feel intimidated by their Dutch websites or otherwise. 

* Please note that once per academic year, following their Kitchen presentation, every student at the DAI is scheduled for a one-on-one meeting of one full hour with the artistic director | head of program, Gabriëlle Schleijpen. If you need to share or discuss an urgent and/ or sensitive issue of major importance to your study and/or general wellbeing, you are most welcome to contact her and ask for an ad hoc additional (skype-)meeting, preferably to be scheduled in between two DAI Weeks. 

*Please note that: Nikos Doulos, Florian Göttke (both closely connected to our Faculty at the COOPs and HTDTWT) and Peter Sattler (all things "tech" ) should NOT be contacted for any student affairs other than those directly related to the functioning of the COOP studygroups, the Planetary Campus  HTDTWT seminars and thesis coaching.

* In general: when we say "crew" we mean all those who are, by means of their labor, in one way or another, facilitating study at DAI. By "faculty"we mean all those who have been invited by DAI to teach, respond, review, lead or coach students or student collectives. Both, the members of our crew as well as our faculty are in majority employed as free-lancers, implicating that they are not paid for engaging with the students outside the context of "study at DAI". ALL, we are proud to say, are super generous people, they will not easily turn you down if you address them with a question. We therefore beg you to please respect how tasks and workload at DAI have been divided. Thank you for your understanding.