POTENTIALLY INTERESTING JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR DAI-FOLK: BEAR, the Arnhem based Bachelor of Fine Arts of the ArtEZ University of the Arts is looking for a coordinator as well as a tutor. Read more here.

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0,70 FTE / Starting in December

The most important quality we are looking for in the course coordinator is related to empathy and communication. We are looking for someone who is capable of being an open non judging ear for our students. We are looking for someone with experience working within the arts who has knowledge and experience in contemporary art practices. We are looking for someone with exceptional organisation skills. In this role patience, honesty and determination are important. Communication skills are key in this role. A love of organisation is necessary as is forward thinking.  


0,25 FTE (half year)

All our tutors are artists with a strong position in the (international) field. Each tutor represents a particular area or approach in fine art. We are looking for an artist that is capable of inspiring, informing and supporting students in developing knowledge and skills in audiovisual practice. We are looking for someone with a wide knowledge of audiovisual practice and a unique personal perspective within the field.

In this role you will become an important part of our small BEAR team in which we together plot the future direction of our education, and through that stake-out an evolving proposition about the future of art, and the role of the artist in society. It’s important you are committed to the development of the next generation of artists and to innovating educational practices. We see BEAR as an ever changing and evolving program and you would be expected to be part of the driving force of this evolution. We expect that you must be energetic, collaborative, caring, open-minded, creative and have a deep knowledge of the field in which you work. With this role comes a responsibility in terms of availability and commitment to the students and the team.
ArtEZ University of the Arts  

ArtEZ University of the Arts is one of the largest art academies in the Netherlands. ArtEZ offers bachelor and master programs in the fields of visual art, fashion, design, architecture, music, dance and theatre. Its broad range of courses offers scope for multidisciplinary collaboration.  
The university has approximately 3000 students and 900 lecturers and other staff. Education is provided in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle. The Executive Board and the supporting services are concentrated in Arnhem.  

BEAR - Base for Experiment, Art & Research in Arnhem

Part of ArtEZ University of the Arts, BEAR is a unique BA Fine Art program. The course was founded in 2013 based on an unshakeable belief that the power of art lies in imagination, experiment and the coexistence of different perspectives. Today’s art is as complex and diverse as the world we live in. In this world, art stands out because it does not conform to the prevailing models, but questions and researches them. At the same time, art connects with the world: it is part of it, comments on it and intervenes in it. In a history still being written, BEAR has taken position amongst the most forward looking Fine Art BA programs and built a formidable reputation for its commitment to socially engaged practices. At BEAR we put a strong emphasis on community and forms of collective practice and learning. This is manifest both within the way we function together as faculty and the research projects we choose to take on as a department. 


The closing date for applications is the 21st of November 2021. The interview round takes place on November 25th.  
Information can be obtained from Edward Thomson or Priscila Fernandes, Heads of Department BEAR, e.thomson@artez.nl or p.fernandes@artez.nl

For more information on the study program BEAR: