Is there life after DAI? Maja Renn (DAI, 2016) writes us: "I thought you may enjoy hearing about this collaboration between two alumni of your Roaming Academy. Years after graduating Savannah Theis (DAI, 2017) and I finally found an opportunity to work together on a larger project. Our performance "Performers Rule: KEEP IN TOUCH" will premiere this Friday (June 18, 2021) at the Schauspielhaus Zürich. It carries many elements of our researches as well as collaborative approaches we have learned during our time at the DAI." DAI writes: " You are absolutely right, Maja, we are delighted to hear from you and we hope this announcement reaches all of our Zürich based friends".

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Composed of poetic acts that touch and are touched by one another, Keep in Touch brings into contact story-telling, play, image-making, live sound and dance. Three performers in accidentally assigned roles generate various constellations of closeness and distance. They reach out, draw and erase boundaries.