Admissions Procedure / Enrollment

Submissions are currently closed.

Please check back here regularly for the 2019-21 DAI-Admissions timetable. 

For the 2018-2020 academic term, we accepted applications at 3 posted deadlines (March 20, May 1 and July 1) until all positions in the incoming class were filled. Notice will be posted here when the admission cycle is complete & closed for the academic year, so please check back for updated info. 

Non-EU applicants are advised to apply for the earliest possible deadline(s), especially those who wish to be considered for an ArtEZ Scholarship and/or Holland Scholarships. We've observed in recent years that non-EU applicants often need more time to search for funding and to arrange housing, permits, etc. Read more.

Your application & portfolio will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. In most cases a decision about your application will be conveyed to you within six to eight weeks. If however, the Admissions Committee is split, we will automatically add your application to the next round.

Promising candidates, who passed the first online selection round, will be invited for two interviews (with two different members of our Admissions Committee, not necessarily on the same day) via Skype.

We highly recommend that you first attend one of our public events, a so-called Roaming Assembly, which in the upcoming year are scheduled for March, April, May and June 2019.  If you are up for an even more in-depth view, schedule a visit during our  DAI-week on location (please contact Rik Fernhout to make arrangements in advance).

If the year’s enrollment is already full, your application may be taken in consideration for the next academic year.

Incoming students may only enter our program in September/ October during the official start of a new academic year.  It is not possible to enroll in January at mid-term.

For further information, please contact our senior Admission co-ordinator Rebecca Sakoun (who usually reads and responds to emails approx. once a week):  

After the selection procedure:

After you've been accepted as a student into our program, you must register via Studielink as soon as possible to officially confirm and complete your enrollment.

Studielink is the Dutch government's digital enrollment and re-enrollment site, especially developed for higher education. As a student, you will manage your own data on Studielink. You will arrange for each year's re-enrollment through the Studielink website and can also enter any changes of address or other data.
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Logging in for the first time on Studielink and in need of help? Please contact ArtEZ Student Affairs:


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