Important information for applicants holding an EU-passport : once accepted at the DAI you are of course most welcome to come and live in the Netherlands, but studying at DAI does not necessarily require that you are registered and based in this country.

The DAI is a full-time program ( it requires you to dedicate between 4 and 5 days per week to your artistic research) but it does not necessarily require your presence in Arnhem on a PERMANENT base; it is possible to travel back and forth from wherever you are residing (in the Netherlands or abroad). During the monthly DAI-week your presence is however CONDITIONAL. During DAI-weeks we will take care of your accommodation in a youth hostel or otherwise. 

To students who are nevertheless interested in moving to Arnhem (conveniently located in regard to train- or highway connections with Amsterdam, Utrecht and German cities like, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf) we can perhaps offer our help in finding you a place to stay. Note that the costs of housing and living in Arnhem in general are lower then in Rotterdam, let alone Amsterdam. 

Once you've been accepted to our program and are wishing to register in the Netherlands but not necessarily planning to live in Arnhem you are welcome to seek our advice about housing -possibilities in other Dutch cities. But please note that our capacities to help you in this regard are fairly limited. You will also have to check whether you need a visa (MVV) or a residence permit (VVR). For more information about coming to, and/ or studying in the Netherlands you are kindly requested to get in touch with Mr. Rik Fernhout

Nuffic, the Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education, also provides extensive information about studying in the Netherlands: