Reviewing of your applications by our Admissions Committee (chaired and co-ordinated by Rebecca Sakoun and further consisting of the DAI's director and several advisors practicing, researching and living in various locales across the world [from South Africa to North Africa to Canada to Europe]): pre-selected candidates will be invited (via e-mail) to one, possibly two Skype-interviews.

We see these interviews as the hopeful beginning of a fruitful and perhaps ongoing dialogue between DAI and you, prospective member of our student body, and our wider community. We will not only have questions for you to respond to, we also heartily extend you the invitation to bring up your own questions (as far as they have not been answered by our website) about the DAI's ways of studying and living together.

In general, the outcome of the admissions trajectory will be communicated within 6-8 weeks (depending on the number of applications that have to be processed).

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