DAI-bulletin 2002-2003 number one January 2003

Dear participants, visiting artists, members of staff and friends,

My best wishes for a most happy and inspired 2003 to all of you, and especially to Rik Fernhout , arriving in China this very night! In 2003 DAI takes off 'on a slow boat to China'. 

This is the first issue of the DAI-bulletin, that from now on will appear as a monthly, informing you about our program, about important dates and events. Meanwhile participants are strongly advised to not give up keeping a keen eye on the billboard in the canteen. Alterations in the program as well as lists for subscriptions to studiovisits and workshops will be posted there as they used to be before.

From January 13 till February 9 a group of participants at DAI will be working on ' Patient', a collective work in progress.
Location: Kunsthuis Syb in Beetserzwaag in Friesland (northern part of Holland. So that is why you won't meet Ana Aznar, Davide di Saro, Shih-Ying and Kristy Trinier too often in Enschede during the month of January. Ofcourse they will be present on Critics-day (see January 16) and attend Larissa Zvezdochetova's lecture ( see January the 23th). The regular teachers will pay them a visit at Kunsthuis Syb (see January 22) and so will their fellow-participants do (see February 8).
Diary January 2003:

Lunch in the canteen for our new students in order to meet with the undersigned,Gabriëlle Schleijpen director at DAI. Everyone who happens to be present that day is ofcourse more than welcome to join us around the table!.
The names of the new students are:
Sverre Bjertnaes (from Norway)
Rongman Hong (from China)
Tracy Prehey (from Canada)
Kristen Cooper (from the U.S.)
Atshushi Kanematsu (from Japan) Visiting artist Jos Kruit will be present to advise second year students Katja Sonnewend and Fatemeh Fattahi about the design of their show, coming up at DAI these days. She will do some studiovisits as well.

Marja Bosma, scholar writing her thesis on Charley Toorop and curator Modern Art at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, will give a public review of the show at DAI (part of an ungoing series of exhibitions) by Katja and Fattemeh.
Afterwards; discussion with all students.
In order to be as 'objective' as an outsider can be Marja Bosma will not be informed about the identity of the makers, so remember: it is important to remain discrete about that before and during the discussion.
Presence of ALL STUDENTS is required.

Studiovisits by Marja Bosma.
Please register yourselves on the list in the canteen.
Visiting artist and regular teacher at DAI Curtis Anderson from Germany will be present in Enschede today.
In order to meet him; please inscribe on the list in the canteen.
Our Special Guestteacher in January will be the South African painter Ina van Zijl.
She will visit you in your studios in Enschede.
STRONGLY recommended to Sandra Maarhuis,Afra Willems, Sujeewa Kumari , Sanjeewa Kumara and Fatemeh Fattahi.
Goes without saying that her presence will be of interest to the others as well. Inscribe yourselves on the list in the canteen.
Information about her work will be provided to all participants in the second week of January .
Regular teachers Curtis Anderson, Rik Fernhout, Jos Kruit, Debra Solomon, Peter Struycken, Emo Verkerk and Larissa Zvezdochetova will meet today in Beetsterzwaag, Friesland . They will have lunch (round 13.30 PM ) with Ana, Davide, Shih-Ying and Kristy.
Critical evaluation of PATIENT at Kunsthuis Syb.
Return to Enschede.

10.00 AM
Coffee and tea in the canteen .
Acquintance with Ricardo Liong, DAI's new manager of the computerroom.
Lecture by Larissa Zvezdochetova about her work and her development as an artist till 12.00.
After 12 PM :
Continuation of studiovisits by the regular teachers and guestteacher Ina van Zijl.
Please inscribe yourselves on the list in the canteen


10.00 AM Lecture by John Heymans
Philosopher, writer and driving force behind TART, organisation that wants to connect technology to art. He is going to join us on our trip to China and will hopefully be involved in many future DAI-projects. After the lecture it is possible to meet with John in your studio.

All the best,