DAI-bulletin 2009-2010 number seven March 2009

This is the seventh issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin in the academic year 2008-2009, informing you about our program and about important dates and events. Eventual alterations can be found on our website under DAI-bulletins.
Please scroll for “This Time it is Private”, with announcements on exhibitions and other public activities of DAI students and alumni. Please send items for that specific section to r.liongakong@artez.nl
Please scroll for “This Time it is Private”, with announcements on exhibitions and other public activities of DAI students and alumni. Please send items for that specific section to r.liongakong@artez.nl

-In this schedule we will only publish biographical notes on guests that are NEW to our programme. Information about the other guest lecturers is to be found on our website under ‘mentors and guest tutors’.
- All parts of the curriculum have to be attended by ALL students unless it is mentioned otherwise.

DAI-week March 9 till March 13


Lunch will be served Monday from 12:00-13:00, other days from 13:00-14:00,
Dinner: Monday from 19:00-20:00; Tuesday to Thursday from 18:30-19:30.

This weeks’ DAI guest cook Pooja Pant is a media artist skilled in video, radio, photography, and journalism. She was born in Kathmandu, Nepal in 1977 where she completed her basic studies before studying abroad in the USA. She worked for seven years in San Francisco, CA as a media artist and activist before leaving the USA for Europe. She worked for 2 years in London, UK before moving to Greece to practice photography for a year. She came to The Netherlands in 2006 to further pursue her career in media making and journalism. Growing up in a traditional Nepali female-strong family, Pooja learnt cooking and other crafts attributed to women in traditional society. She used this skill in order to survive as she pursued her interest in media. Pooja is a strong believer in multiculturalism and all her work including her kitchen is an example of diversity!

Monday February 9
14:00-17:00 Project room
Introduction to Thesis-project
Meeting between first year students and thesis-mentor.

10:30-17:00 at Casco, Nieuwekade 213-215, Utrecht
Publications Project
Run by Delphine Bedel
Today, the second year students and the designers of Werkplaats Typografie will meet at Casco to prepare the final presentation of the individual student publications.
For second year students only.

Starting 17:00
Face to Face meetings with guest advisor Ansuya Blom.

Starting 20:00 (project room)
Artist talk by Rosy Martin
on her projects and her collaboration with Jo Spence
For all students
Rosy Martin is an artist-photographer, psychological therapist, workshop leader, lecturer and writer. She works as an artist-photographer using self-portraiture, still life photography, digital imaging and video, and as a psychological-therapist exploring the relationships between photography, memory, identities and unconscious processes. From 1983, with Jo Spence, she pioneered re-enactment phototherapy. Rosy Martin published widely and exhibited extensively since 1985. She ran intensive experiential workshops and lectured in universities and galleries throughout Britain, Canada, Eire, Finland and the USA. She also is a lecturer in photographic theory, art history and visual culture at universities in the UK, and a psychological therapist in private practice.

Tuesday March 10
Starting 9:30 (project space)
Group meeting of the participants with Amanda Ralph, programme co-ordinator MAVIS( MA Visual Arts Practices, Dublin) Floor Lyssen and Gabriëlle Schleijpen, course director DAI

Run by Partizan Publik
A curatorial project, which re-values the city of Detroit and the practices it’s made up by.

Participants need suits for this one. Twelve black suits, with white shirts and black ties.

- Presentation group intervention projects
10.30 - 12.00 Group A - Critique and Discussion
13.00 -14.30 Group B - Critique and Discussion
Critics are Femke Lutgerink, independent curator and Gabrielle Schleijpen, course director DAI.
15.00 - 17.00 Follow-up in Group Sessions

Required Reading
Reinhold Martin, “Moment of Truth,” Log 8 (Summer 2006): 15-20.

More information to be found under Projects,

Starting 9:30:
Face to Face
meetings between individual DAI-students and individual guest advisors; Mark Kremer, Rosy Martin, Janos Sugar, Dobrila Denegri, Ansuya Blom, Rick Dolphijn, Iris van der Tuin and 15 students from themaster course ‘Curating (Beyond) Exhibitions: Critical Curatorial Practices and Contemporary Society’, organized by BAK and the University Utrecht.

Dobrila Denegri is art historian and independent curator, living and working in Rome (Italy) and Belgrade (Serbia). Since 2001 she is artistic director of nKA / ICA – an independent cultural association which organizes “Real Presence” - the biggest workshop for young artists and art students currently operating in the Balkan region (www.real-presence.org). From 2002 till 2008 she was collaborating as a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACRO) in Rome where she curated, among others, exhibitions by Michal Rovner & Andreas Gursky, Alfredo Jaar, Ernesto Neto and series of lectures “Art Highlights” that involved great number of internationally renowned artists and curators. Since 2007 she teaches history of contemporary art & fashion at La Sapienza University. Since 2008 is curator for international programme at ALI – Arts Learning Institute in Rome that consists of exhibitions, workshops, lectures and presentations by young international artists on the theme of technology and ecology. Her activity as curator and writer started in the early ‘90s, since when she curated exhibitions, workshops and lecture series in various public and private institutions in Italy, Serbia and internationally.

The Gender Programme and the Department of Art Management and Policy at Utrecht University, together with BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht and The Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University, are pleased to announce a master course Curating (Beyond) Exhibitions: Critical Curatorial Practices and Contemporary Society. The course, structured as a series of lectures and seminars, will explore the dynamic field of curating vis-a-vis the challenges that artistic and intellectual practices are presented with by contemporary society, and takes the year 1989—which marks the end of the Cold War—as a starting point from which to explore the practice of curating. This course is designed both for university students and for people outside academia, such as professionals in the fields of art and curators early in their careers. Curating (Beyond) Exhibitions is taught by Maria Hlavajova, artistic director of BAK, who will be joined by curators and artists from the Netherlands and abroad. Seminars are led by dr. Marta Zarzycka, lecturer in the Gender Programme and Department of Art Management and Policy at UU.
At the DAI the curators have the possibility to practice the skill of the “studiovisit”  while engaging in conversations about their works with the DAI-students.

Janos Sugar studied in the Department of Sculpture at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest (1979-84). Between 1980-86 he worked with Indigo, an interdisciplinary art group led by Miklos Erdely. His work includes sculpture, installations, performances, video, film, as well as theoretical writing and publishing. He served on the board of the Balazs Bela Film Studio (1990-95) and has been teaching art and media theory in the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts since 1990. He has exhibited widely throughout Europe including at Documenta IX, Kassel (1992). He completed an Artslink residency at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1994, and fellowships at Experimental Intermedia, New York (1988 and 1999). His films were screened at the Anthology Film Archives in New York in 1998.

Dr. Rick Dolphijn is assistant professor in Media and Cultural Studies at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He was educated in cultural studies and philosophy and wrote his dissertation Foodscapes (2004) on material culture from a Deleuzian perspective. It was published by
Eburon (distributed by the University of Chicago Press). He has published on architecture, philosophy (mainly Deleuze and Foucault), the human body, and cultural theory at large in journals like Angelaki and Gastronomica. He is now finishing a manuscript entitled ‘I must have a body: matter, spirit, art’. He lectures on cultural theory, communication theory and the philosophy of science.

Dr. Iris van der Tuin is assistant professor in Gender Studies at
Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Her Ph.D. dissertation (2008) was on new feminist epistemologies and European women’s studies. She teaches courses focusing on philosophy of science, and feminist theory. With Prof. Rosemarie Buikema she has edited the textbook Gender in media, kunst en cultuur (2007), which will be published in English under the title Gender in Media, Art and Culture (Routledge, 2009). She is currently finishing a manuscript entitled Generation/Knowledge. The latter book deals with new feminist epistemologies (especially new materialism).

Dolphijn and Van der Tuin have co-written an article entitled 'The
Transversality of New Materialism' (currently under review with Women: A Cultural Review).

Evening lectures:
Starting 19:30 (project room)
For students of Masquerade
Gender and media scholars Iris van der Tuin and Rick Dolphijn will be discussing a philosophical approach that goes against dualism (for instance the Cartesian mind-body split and sexual difference) with the DAI students. 'Against Dualism' is influenced by philosophers such as Henri Bergson and Gilles Deleuze. A re-reading of the feminist philosophy canon and its seemingly essentialist approach is part of the lecture.

Starting 19:30(space to be announced)
Presentation by Dobrila Denegri
For all students except IICD-group

Since 2001 till today the “Real Presence” workshop, that is curated by Biljana Tomic and Dobrila Denegri, has been held as annual event in Belgrade and ocasionaly in other cities, as Venice (within 51st Venice Biennial, 2005), Istanbul (within 10th Istanbul Biennial, 2007) and Turin (in Castello di Rivoli – Museum of Contemporary Art, 2008); it involved great number of participants (from 300 to 100) in each of its 8 editions, functioning as combination of educational and productive activities: daily scheduled lectures and panels, performances, multimedia presentations and finally, the realisation of dynamic exhibitive event in various public spaces and museums.
“The new type of art manifestation should be like a power station: a producer of a new energy.”
Based on this conviction “Real Presence” shaped its character as open and dynamic platform for upcoming generations of artists coming from different cultural backgrounds and working in a wide variety of media and expressive languages. “Real Presence” set off in 2001, when Serbia undertook the path of democratic changes after ten years of crisis and cultural isolation. Parallel with processes of democratization, this manifestation acted with the goal to sustain the value of culture as a field of coexistence of differences, as well as to open up channels of communication and artistic exchange between Serbia and other cultural contexts and encourage post-war generations to articulate and express their creative visions, ethical attitudes and positions towards reality in the multitude of its aspects.

Starting 19:30 (space to be announced)
An introduction to the DAI by Gabrielle Schleijpen for the students of Curating (Beyond) Exhibitions: Critical Curatorial Practices and Contemporary Society.

Wednesday March 11
10:00 – 18:00 (space to be announced)
Edition 111- MASQUERADE
Masterclasses by If I Can’t Dance
Today’s guests: Rick Dolphijn and Iris van der Tuin

The If I Can’t Dance/DAI course will depart from a special interest in the ‘performative’ and will look at elements of rituals, gestures, normalized as opposed to transgressive behavior, covert as well as manifest action and differing approaches to role playing, power positions and appearances.

10:00–17:30 (space to be announced)
The artwork as a trip, contemporary art and the idea of the trip
Curated by Mark Kremer with contributions by John Heymans

This week students will do a presentation on four theoretical texts: Buchloh, Graham, Nye, Hollevoet. Following the presentations, these texts will be discussed with the group.
Following this, we will talk about the various GTBT Crete projects and their theoretical and practical development.
The question "When is an artwork finished?" will be discussed by Mark Kremer and John Heymans.

Starting 10:30
Face to Face meetings with Florian Göttke

17:30-18:30 (project room)
Surrealism, Life, + Revolt
Lecture/Presentation on his research by DAI-student Kevin Immanuel
For all students

Starting 19:30 (project room)
Evening lecture:
Attention: Recycling (East)
artist Janos Sugar from Budapest on Conceptual Art in Hungary.
For all students

Thursday March 12
Starting 10:00-17:00 (space to be announced)
Ruffles and Fray (formerly High Finance – Common Ground)
Curated by Florian Göttke

A collaboration of the Research Group Art in Public Space in Amsterdam (www.lkpr.nl), the Dutch Art Institute and the Sandberg Institute.

Today programme: Presentation and discussion of ideas for the project "Ruffles and Fray" for all participants from the DAI and the Sandberg Institute.

Starting 19:30:
Evening lecture (space to be announced)
Tilman Meyer-Faye
artists lecture "Playing with Utopia"
for participants of Ruffles and Fray.

Utopian illusions work as stimulating factors in our daily lives. City planning, politics, advertising, and science are driven by ambitious objectives. Tilmann Meyer-Faje examines the extent to which they comply with their promises as he lets these dreams take form in his performances. His work reveals an irony arising through the discrepancy between marketing language and actual experience. He is consciously blurring fiction and reality. He presents the fillet pieces of his detailed investigations from archives or Internet. Among his mix between real and fake finally there is less fiction than the spectator might expected. In this lecture, the artist will present a number of his "utopian illusions" as they have appeared in projects including his one-man university, the mobile croquet fryer “Buurtkroket” and his shop for concrete souvenirs in a shopping mall.

Tilmann Meyer-Faye, born 1971 in Germany, lives and works in Amsterdam. There he studied audiovisual art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and fine arts at Sandberg Institute.

Starting 10:30 (space to be announced)
Negotiating equity
Curated by Renée Ridgway

On Thursday the group will discuss the first drafts of the proposal assignment. This proposal is a writing exercise that not necessarily proposes something for Delft. It should contain a concept, an interest and explanation why this is important to the student. It is not necessarily a treatise on a student’s work as such, but takes aspects of his/ her work and develops these to a situation, a place, and a context.

Prayas Abhinav will be our guest at DAI this week. He will come with Renée Ridgway on Thursday and we will be presenting n.e.w.s., discussing their past week at Wintercamp (http://networkcultures.org/wpmu/wintercamp/) and the new n.e.w.s. developments along with the latest conceptual project they are working on: writing a book that rethinks the economic and social conditions of art. He will also present his work as an artist and his newest projects (http://cityspinning.org). On Friday he will further discuss his evening presentation and day before along with students’ questions. This would be a very good opportunity to put forth website ideas as well as students’ websites so far, as Prayas has expertise in these fields, i.e. he thinks about presenting/curating yourself in the virtual world. Then he will meet with all of the students individually to discuss their work, or websites.

Thursday night

Starting 19:30 (space to be announced)
Evening lecture for students of Negotiating Equity

Our guest lecturer will be Prayas Abhinav from Bangalore, India. He is an 'urban geographer' who works with temporary architecture in the public sphere and will show recent and upcoming projects. http://cityspinning.org 


10:30–21:00 (space to be announced)
Curated by Binna Choi

On Misunderstanding

Following the last question in our last meeting “Is an international artistic movement possible?”:

How do you know, how do you understand the other? When a person, a group of people, or an unidentifiable crowd is recognized as the other? When and where is “the otherness” created? The difference in the national and cultural background is generating the otherness? What about difference in individual styles of enunciation and relation? What about social and political background? If they are inseparable, how do they intersect each other? And how can we deal with the otherness? How can we connect ourselves to it? What would be the way of corresponding with it and build a common ground? Can the notion of “misunderstanding” be a point of departure for exploring these questions?

We take our group as a micro-social structure to respond to these questions, in comparison with the macro one. In order to facilitate this process, we will create a few different types of “occasions”, for which a little preparation are requested to all of us.

Occasion 1: Introduction and critique of each other’s “practice”
Preparation 1: Please prepare the images of your “work and life” (photograph, dvd, sound, drawings etc.)

Occasion 2: Skype meetings with artists and other practitioners at a distance, sharing the questions above.
Preparation 2:  Please make contact with whom you’d like to have skype talks (plus any event?) and make appointment with them at a rough time set between 14:00-18:00. (The current candidates from the Casco team: Hira K. Grace Samboh) Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBHq9QF_cuA

Occasion 3: Wrap up the questions, Electric Palm Tree web-platform update, and discussion about a form of possible action/performance on 23 April 2009

Friday March 13
19:30-16:30 (space to be announced)
Ruffles and Fray
Curated by Florian Göttke

‘Playing with Utopia’
with Tilman Meyer-Faye

“In one day I would like to produce with you a little piece where we are re-mixing advertising material. Mainly we will focus on commercials for housing- and urban projects like Zuidas, but you can bring in other commercial material as well.
About any item in the world you can find commercial. Especially if these are promoting something that is absolutely not exciting they become a humoristic performance. We will play with this irony”.

Starting 9:30 (space to be announced)
Negotiating equity
Curated by Renée Ridgway

Continuation of yesterday’s program with Prayas Abhinav

Departure time and place to be confirmed
Curated by Binna Choi

Occasion 4: Visit to International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam with hand-on view of archive on social and political movement in various countries and particularly the archive of correspondence.


///////// THIS TIME IT IS PRIVATE /////////

News on alumni and/or current students and/or lecturers.You are all most welcome to send in your announcements to r.liongakong@artez.nl.


April 10-13 2009

MULTI SOLO 4D is a project of de Vrije Ruimten, in which artists are given an oppurtunity to present their work. In MULTI SOLO 4D the current DAI students Sasha Miljevic and Manami Yoshimoto are participating.
Tetem II, Hulsmaatstraat 35, 7523 WG Enschede, http://vrijeruimten.nl/


Ik wil ruimte
April 10,11 and 12 2009

Ik wil ruimte is a video-, film- and animation exhibition at TAC in Eindhoven. Among the participants are current DAI students Ruben van Klaveren and Renaldi Zelfi.
Opening: April 10, 20:00
Finissage: April 12, 20:00
TAC (Temporary Art Centre), Vonderweg 1, 5611 BK Eindhoven, http://www.tac.nu/
Ik wil ruimte http://www.ikwilruimte.nl/


"een hommage van de leerling aan de meester"
March 8 - 29 2009

Current DAI student Raymond Huizinga is one of the many who honour their former photography teacher Rutger ten Broeke with an exhibition in Fotogalerie Objektief.
Fotogalerie Objektief, Walstraat 33, 7511 GE Enschede, www.fotogalerie-objektief.nl
Raymond Huizinga: http://www.raymondhuizinga.eu/


March 10 2009

DAI alumnus Jolanda Jansen is part of the team of 17 artists who decorates the yearly Boekenbal, the party for writers, critics and booklovers.
Boekenbal, Stadschouwburg, Amsterdam (only by invitation)


Book Launch: James Beckett
March 14 2009

Book Launch: James Beckett, Monograph 1998-2008, accompanied by Seamus Cater and RnGdS @ Mediamatic
Special introductory offer of € 15 per book
Soft cover, 21 x 29.7 cm, 112 pages, 100 colour and 60 b/w stills, English, ISBN 978-3-86828-031-9
Out on Kehrer Verlag of Heidelberg 
James Beckett is a regular DAI guest advisor.
14 March, 18:30 - 21:30
Mediamatic BANK, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam


Groene vingers / Green fingers
March 15 – April 5 2009

Groene vingers is an exhibition organized by ZET Foundation in Het Glazen Huis in the Amstelpark.
Participating artists are Teresa Borasino (DAI alumnus, Peru), Danielle Davidson (DAI alumnus, the Netherlands), Anna Korteweg (DAI alumnus, the Netherlands), Chris Meighan (DAI alumnus, Scotland), and Natasha Rosling (England)
Opening: March 15 2009, 15:00
Het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark (hoofdingang Europa-boulevard)
More information on activities: Zet Foundation http://www.zetfoundation.nl

New Virtuosity
March 24

The Old Brand New is a monthly English language lecture series in Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam revolving around the concept ‘new’ in the arts.
In the arts, the concept ‘new’ is an ideal as well as a curse. The avant-garde has been declared dead and ‘the cult of the new’ is past its peak. The pursuit of absolute originality and total innovation has given way to concepts such as remix and postproduction, eclecticism and syncretism. Is ‘new’ still permitted, how new is neo, how innovative is retro? By looking at the term ‘new’ in the light of ‘old’ subjects such as virtuosity, beauty, knowledge and entertainment, the lecture series THE OLD BRAND NEW proposes to free ‘new’ of its stale image and present it in its full complexity.

The multidisciplinary series is held from January to September 2009 on a monthly basis at Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. The series was initiated and developed by de Appel arts centre, If I Cant Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, Research group Art Practice and Development at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, LISA, Studium Generale of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, DAI /Master Programme / ArtEZ Institute of the Arts and Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
This month Luc Tuymans and Boris Charmatz will lecture on New Virtuosity.
Tickets and reservations: available at Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, www.ssba.nl
More information: www.theoldbrandnew.nl or contact Hiske Zomer via hzomer@deappel.nl or +3120 6255651.


1st Floor-Ottilia Pribilla Gallery
January 30 - March 14 2009

Current DAI Student Carlijn Mens is showing two animations and the drawings for these animations at 1st Floor-Ottilia Pribilla Gallery.
Opening reception: January 29 2009 from 18:00
1st Floor-Ottilia Pribilla Gallery, Kronenburgstraat 21, 2000 Antwerp


Group show
February 7 – April 5 2009

Nick Andrews, Michel Buylen, Michael Bastow, Benjamin Demeyere, Etienne Desmet, Dr. Hugo Heyrman, Marc Kennes, Guy Leclercq, Frank Maieu, DAI Alumnus Sara Pessoa, Pjeroo Roobjee, Jan Vanriet, Marcel van Maele, Roger Van Akelijen, Frank Wagemans, Ysbrant.17. present their work at De Zwarte Panter.


Knitted Worlds
March 14 - June 14 2009

Installations objects, experimental fashion, photo and video works of artists and designers from Europe and the United States.
Participating artists among other Rosemarie Trockel, Elaine Reichek, Maria Roosen, Maria Blaisse, Christien Meindertsma, current DAI student Jimini Hignett, Désirée de Baar, Kelly Jenkins, Heidi Kennedy-Skjerve, Nanna van Blaaderen, Dave Cole, Annette Streyl, Greetje van Tiem, Petra Vonk&Janneke Hooymans, Lama Concept.
Audax Textielmuseum Tilburg, Goirkestraat 96, Tilburg
Jimini Hignett http://www.fijnevleeswaren.nl/


Gebakken in Den Bosch
March 20 - May 10 2009

'Gebakken in den Bosch’ presents autonomous, ceramic art by artists from ’s-Hertogenbosch. The exhibition gives an overview of the quantity an diversity of ceramic works of artists from ’s-Hertogenbosch
Participating artists: Simone van Bakel, Noes Butter, Roos en Chris, Marianne van Heeswijk, Netty van den Heuvel, current DAI student Jimini Hignett, Manita Kieft, Dagmar de Kok, Joris Link, Evelyne Montens, Anton Reijnders, Arno Tummers, Ivonne van der Velden.
Jimini Hignett http://www.fijnevleeswaren.nl/