DAI-bulletin 2009-2010 number three November 2008

This is the third issue of the monthly DAI-bulletin in the academic year 2008-2009, informing you about our program and about important dates and events. Eventual alterations can be found on our website under DAI-bulletins.
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DAI-week November 10 till November 14

Lunch will be served daily from 13:00-14:00
Dinner Monday-Thursday from 18:30-19:30
This weeks’ DAI guest cook is Barbara Paternotte: “Although I have studied fine arts and communications, my true passion has always been cooking. After working in several restaurant kitchens, I started working as a free-lance chef and caterer this past January. Since then, I have cooked for private dinners, public events and started several collaborations with other entrepreneurs - ranging from cooking Indian food on stage in a Bollywood setting - to - dressing up as a cowboy shooting out condiments from a plastic pistol. My aim is to look beyond the shelves of the giant supermarket chains and work with the ingredients that inspire me: seasonal organic ingredients and local produce”.

-In this schedule we will only publish biographical notes on guests that are NEW to our programme. Information about the other guest lecturers is to be found on our website under ‘mentors and guest tutors’.
- All parts of the curriculum have to be attended by ALL students unless it is mentioned otherwise.

Monday November 10

11:30-13:00 Projectroom.
Toolkit: The Art of Writing a Thesis
John Heymans
Exclusively for second year students

14:00-21:30 Projectroom
Web Wayfinding, Web Wayshowing, Web Waysharing
A Workshop for all students supervised by Ronald van Tienhoven and Ricardo Liong-A-Kong.

During three one day-long sessions until the end of 2008, a small group of artists, (web) designers and digerati will elucidate both opportunities and bottlenecks of Web Design and the development of a digital portfolio.

Today’s special guest: Annelys de Vet

As a graphic designer – educated at the Utrecht School for the Arts and the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam – Annelys de Vet (1974) explores the role of design in relation to the public and political discourse. After working for cultural clients like Droog Design, Stedelijk Museum, TPG Post, Rijksgebouwendienst, de Appel Art space and Thames & Hudson she has published several books. ‘The subjective atlas of the EU, from an Estonion point of view’ (2004) shows new images for Europe by students from the art school in Tallinn. The ‘Subjective atlas of the Netherlands’ (BIS publishers, 2005) aims to influence the way of perceiving national identity and was made with students of the Design Academy Eindhoven where De Vet has been working as a teacher in the past six years. ‘The public role of the graphic designer’ (2006) investigates in the responsibility of graphic designers in the realm of cultural representation. For her most political book ‘Subjective atlas of Palestine’ (010 Publishers, 2007) she invited Palestinian artists, photographers and designers to map their country as they see it. The book shows the disarming reverse side of the black-and-white image generally resorted to by the media. ‘Jurkjes & Jason, 27 views on terrorism today’ (Onomatopee, 2008) reflects on the representation of terrorism seen through the eyes of 27 design students. In addition de Vet is the initiator of the yearly ‘(Con)Temporary Museum Amsterdam’ which covers the side program of the art fair Art Amsterdam. From January 2009 on de Vet will be the head of the design department of the Sandberg Institute (Masters of Rietveld Academy) in Amsterdam.

Tuesday November 11
9:30-10:30 Project room
Coffee meeting between all students and course director Gabrielle Schleijpen.

From 10:30 onward, students will split up in three groups for this year’s trans national projects and masterclass (which will run till July 2009 and include workshops in Detroit, Dublin and on an island in Greece).

A curatorial project, which re-values the city of Detroit and the practices it’s made up by.
Run by Partizan Publik
10:30–21:30 space to be announced

As with the real estate market we intend to do a demand and supply analysis of Detroit’s unreal estate as a way of understanding, engaging with and imagining the city. Focusing on the intangible value or the cultural significance of a place we will explore practices and experiences, which make up everyday life. Examples to think of are art practices, architecture, homeless life, hip hop culture, museums, house music, health services, religious practices and labor patterns.

Day Program 10:30–18:00
Exclusively for participants of Detroit Unreal Estate Agency

- Introduction by Partizan Publik
- Discussion literature outlines and questions
- Presentation by students
- Lecture: Michael Stanton ( for details see further on)
- Screening 8 mile

Evening lecture 19:30–21.30
Exclusively for participants of Detroit Unreal Estate Agency.

Michael Stanton - Mise en Scène: architecture and its cinematic dilemma

It is obvious that there is more than a passing relation between cinema and architecture. Many from the architectural side have tried to dissect this relation and to reveal its potential in practice. Film has appropriated the popular formats that architecture no longer can, or has chosen not to, manipulate and has also taken the aesthetic field that the classical representational and plastic arts seem no longer to address. No wonder that architecture desires the "special" relationship with cinema that it deserves. But productive strategies for architectural work have been lacking in this dialogue so far. This essay will reinterpret some of those attempts and pose some possible strategies for investigation and potential design action given those reinterpretations. Following through Victor Hugo and Henri Labrouste's written and built reflections on representational media, this essay finds its initial political premises in Walter Benjamin and in the practical solutions presented by Neo-Realist film and architecture in Italy. Differences and similarities are charted in the works relating to the visual fields of the two disciplines. Finally a return to the "easy" answers of this discourse's political episode ties its various vectors into a loose knot and charts some directions they may take.

Michael Stanton currently practices architecture and urbanism in Beirut and teaches internationally. His design work has been awarded four times by the ACSA, and won the Young Architect's Award from the Architectural League of New York, the Biennial Steedman Prize and been selected for Progressive Architecture awards plus winning several competitions. Several project have won competitions including recently a tower in Abu Dhabi. He was a Fellow in Architecture at the American Academy in Rome in 1990-91 and the first Aga Kahn Traveling Fellow in 1980. Recently he published two book chapters, one on the African-American city, and many articles in journals including Volume, Log, Perspecta, Archis, Modulus and Bauwelt. He has lectured and exhibited his work extensively in the Americas and Europe. He has taught at several American universities, and in Demark and Lebanon, and has directed study programs for these schools in Italy and he co-founded and directed eleven international workshops in Venice and Barcelona. Recently, with Dutch collaborators including Partizan Pulblik with whom he works chronically, he co-directed the first Studio Beirut workshop documented in Volume.

More information soon to be found under Projects.

will touch on aspects such as rituals, gestures, normalized as opposed to transgressive behaviour, covert as well as manifest action and differing approaches to role playing, power positions and appearances.
Masterclasses by If I Can’t Dance

10:30–18:00 Studiovisits
Today this DAI week’s contributor Stefanie Seibold will have face to face conversations with each participant in this project.

Stefanie Seibold is an artist working with performances, installations and video art. She was a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht and has also been curating several performance-related shows and spaces in Vienna resulting in a book about Performance in Vienna since the 1960s. Her work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, Vienna as well as in the De Appel, Amsterdam, Salzburger Kunstverein, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Neongalleria, Bologna and Galerie Nadja Vilenne, Liège. She is currently teaching Performance and Gender at the Art Academie in Linz.

More information to be found under Projects.

Evening lecture:
The group will join Lars Bang Larsen’s lecture for GoodtripBadtrip.
More information below.

TAKE NOTICE: In November the IICD-masterclass will meet again in Antwerp, on Thursday 20th November 8pm in MuHKA for an audio visual lecture/performance by Terre Thaemlitz (http://www.comatonse.com/index_1.html), in Eindhoven (Friday or Saturday 28 or 29 Nov meeting with Sarah Pierce and visit to Heartland) and in Amsterdam (Sunday 30 Nov- 4 pm 'If I Can’t Dance Tonight' with Sarah Pierce, Frascati).

The artwork as and in relation to the trip
Curated by Mark Kremer with contributions by John Heymans
10:30–18:00, space to be announced

Collective Meeting, artists/students with John Heymans and Mark Kremer.
An interactive day with various presentations and inquiries. Bring pen(cil)s and paper with you! The definitive program of this part of the day still has to be decided, but one thing that we’ll certainly do is surround concepts such as “trip” and “psychedelic experience”, taking examples from theory and art practice. What is the artistic potential of these notions?

Evening lecture
19:30 project space
Exclusively for participants of GOODTRIPBADTRIP and If I Can’t Dance
Lars Bang Larsen - “Miserable Miracles and Cultural Cannibalism: An attempt at conceptualising the psychedelic imaginery

Lars Bang Larsen (Barcelona/Copenhagen) is our guest lecturer. Rooted in a Scandinavian context, his field of interest focuses on contemporary artistic experiments and their cultural significance at large. As a critic, curator and art historian, he currently works on a Ph.D. at the University of Copenhagen on the subject of 1960s psychedelia, its artistic experiments and transnational spread to contexts outside of the Anglo-American world. Lars is also a contributor to various art magazines (Afterall, Artforum, Frieze) and has co-curated, among other exhibitions: Populism (2005), The Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds (2005), The Echo Show (2003) and Fundamentalisms of the New Order (2002).

Wednesday November 12
9.00-16:00 Projectroom
Presentation & workshop IICD
Stefanie Seibold whose work bears a significant interest in the idea of staging, by which she means a play with objects, gestures, meanings, as well as language, movements connectable to performance and the theatrical. She produces and collects various elements such as printed matter, drawings, video and sounds that belong to a heterogenous „archive“ whose elements - in the moment of a specific choice for a given situation in a certain medium - are then combined to put meaning into a play of performativity. For these various forms of ‘staging’ she is frequently appropriating techniques, texts and ideas of past avantgardes as well as positions of their marginalised critics since she is interested in putting into focus these utopian ideas and values today, often times transpositioning the original contextual use into a contemporary art arena.

For her presentation at DAI she will focus on some of her works that can be connected to the notion of archives. The presentation will be followed by a workshop.

Face to Face meetings between individual DAI-students and individual guest advisors: Mark Kremer, Michael Stanton, Lars Bang Larsen, Emily Oursel.

Emily Oursel is an art critic and curator based in Amsterdam since 2006. She has worked as a journalist with the French magazine L'Oeil and the newspaper Le Journal des arts, in Paris, and is now part of the editorial committee of the magazine called Mobile Album International (first edition in 2009). In 2007, she participated to a curatorial workshop at the Town House Gallery, in Cairo, with young curators from the Middle-East, Spain and Mexico. The same year, she opened the foundation Violet bureau, through which she develops artistic researches leading to experimental projects, like the collection of 'exhibitions in a book' called '.docs//m.', events, like 'China paradox: art and journalism in China' and exhibitions (www.violetbureau.nl). In 2009, Emily Oursel will be in charge of the curatorial program of the art center Nieuwe Vide, in Haarlem, for which she organizes a program of exhibitions questioning the interactions of art with society and other fields of knowledge and action, and in parallel, a program of artistic performances called 'Dolmus' during the whole year. Emily Oursel works as well as an art critic and assistant at Lumen Travo gallery, in Amsterdam.

19:30-21:00 Project room
The Half Way Lecture - Michael Uwemedimo

Inhabiting Fiction: Gageyk Danellian was a soldier in the Soviet army in Afghanistan when he discovered his uncanny resemblance to Rambo. He travelled to Moscow to join a troupe of look-alikes: Lenin; Hitler; Madonna; the Pope. There NBC ran a feature on him, before bringing him to Hollywood to meet Sylvester Stallone. Somewhere in the desert of Nevada, lives James 'Bo' Gritz, the man the media call the 'real Rambo'. He has made a film of his own. Over a number of years, Michael Uwemedimo has been filming with such characters.

Tracing the perverse exchange between the spectral violence of covert military operations and its spectacular renditions by Hollywood, I would like to consider some of the cinematic possibilities at the intersection of re-enactment and what might be termed 'inhabiting fiction'. How might these cinematic experiments with re-enactment - re-enactments of historical events, re-enactments of fiction, and re-enactments in fiction - reveal something of the ways in which such violence is imagined, performed, and recounted? How might they reveal fiction, as well as history, as simultaneously a shared social space, a set of (ideological) scripts and a process of becoming?

Michael Uwemedimo is a writer and curator, and a founding member of the filmmaking collaboration, Vision Machine. Michael's latest writings appear in Fluid Screens/Expanded Cinema (University of Toronto Press, 2007), Building Bridges: The Cinema of Jean Rouch (Wallflower, 2007), and Jean-Luc Godard: Documents (Pompidou Centre, 2006), and the forthcoming monograph, The Interview (Manchester University Press). His recent curatorial projects include: Possessing Vision: The Cinema of Jean Rouch (ICA, 2000); Jean-Luc Godard: A Retrospective (NFT/Tate Modern, 2001); and After the Fact (BFI Southbank, 2007). With Vision Machine he has been developing a performance-based historiography of political violence. Through a series of long-running film projects with survivors and perpetrators of state-sponsored violence, he has been developing a working process in which the production methods and forms of fiction can be combined with the techniques and engagements of documentary.
Michael is Lecturer in Film at Roehampton University, where he his also heading a DVD distribution initiative, unReal.

Thursday November 13
For first year students (second year students are welcome to participate till the start of the publication project):
9:30-11:30 Project room
Discussion with Michael Uwemedimo, moderated by John Heymans

For first year students (second year students are welcome to participate till the start of the publication project)
13:30-15.30 Project Room
Something on the Essay Film
John Heymans

This lecture focuses on some of the backgrounds of the rise of the essay film and its position in contemporary art. Especially the relation between image and sound shall be discussed. The lecture also converges on the question what kind of evidence a film essay presents.

Exclusively for second year students:
10:30-17:00 Project Room
The Publications Project - Delphine Bedel

Since 4 years the DAI offers its graduating students to produce a small publication, in collaboration with Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem. This project is mediated by the artist/curator Delphine Bedel.
Each publication is edited in 250 copies. The publication varies from printed matter, book, and artist edition to vinyl record. For each project, the artist will team up with a graphic designer from Werkplaats Typografie and invite a guest author to contribute to it. During one year various aspect of publishing – concept, editing and design, production and distribution- will be addressed.
A public presentation of the current publications will take place in July 2009 in collaboration with Casco in Utrecht, accompanied by lectures and a round table conversation. An overview over the publications and printed matter published by the DAI over the last 5 years, in the frame of the Publications Projects, will be exhibited at the art bookshop Shashin in Amsterdam in Spring 2009.
These events will be organised by the participating artists and Delphine Bedel.

19:30-21:00 Project room
An artist presentation by :mentalKLINIK

After conceiving the idea in 1998, Yasemin Baydar and Birol Demir started :mentalKLİNİK in 2000. Until 2005, :mentalKLİNİK stated prototypes for the understanding of art-design-production-consumption in its first projects. These projects deal with an idea of total production which includes the product itself, its context, production process and the relation between product and beholder. Since 2007, :mentalKLİNİK focuses on encountering a multiple world with its singular stand, instead of producing multiple looks on a singular state. :mentalKLİNİK showed its projects “Sleep” (2000-2001), “Game” (2002), “Copy” (2003) in Istanbul; and “Self” (2004) in Luxemburg.In 2007, it realized ‘Frozen45˝ (Luxembourg), “Give Joel a gift, you will be gifted” (Madagascar)and “Coverted01” (Japan). :mentalKLİNİK started off its 21st century collection with “Binary occupations phase 1. Surface” (Istanbul).
During the 2008 “Tagcloud” exhibition, which transforms the exhibition space into a construction site and the gallery into a workshop, :mentalKLİNİK created “sources” for the future with works that entered and left the exhibition.

Friday November 14
09:00 (SHARP!) - 15:45 Project room
Artist presentations by DAI-students James Skunca, Sasha Miljevic, Yen Yitzu, Renaldi Zefi, Veridiana Zurita, Barbara Philipp, Monika Berenyi and Izabela Oldak.

Their 20-minute presentations will be reviewed and discussed AS PRESENTATIONS by guest advisors :mentalKLİNİK (Yasemin Baydar, Birol Demir) and Barbara Visser and the students. The discussion will be moderated by Gabrielle Schleijpen.

Barbara Visser’s work deals with the uncertain relationship between recording and dramatizing questions of history and its possible representations. Images and texts included in her work are merely vessels for “future memories.” Their shape and appearance alter the content of what was once worth remembering. The ambiguity of particular codes and systems within the images, sounds and text employed in her work challenges the viewer to reconsider ingrained ways of perceiving the world.

Barbara Visser lives and works in Brussels and Amsterdam. She studied at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Cooper Union in New York and at the Jan van Eyck Akademie in Maastricht. Since 1992 her work is exhibited in well-known museums, institutes and galeries in the Netherlands and abroad; among others at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels and the Contemporary Art Center of Vilnius (Lithuania) and the Paviljoens in Almere. Barbara Visser is granted several awards, such as the Charlotte Köhler award (1996), the Prijs Jonge Belgische Schilderkunst (1999), the Friedrich Gildenwart-Vordemberge Preis (2000), Dr. A.H. Heineken-prize (2008).

15:45 SHARP
A bus will take everybody to the opening of Joke Robaard’s exhibition Conversation Pieces at 21rozendaal Actuele Kunst in the, after the 2000 disaster, fully rebuild and award-winning neighbourhood Roombeek in Enschede (Roombeek). Joke Robaard was the 2006 mediator of the DAI Publications project.

The Dutch artist and photographer Joke Robaard originally trained in fashion, investigates the configuration of groups of people, for example in networks of friends, colleagues, companies and neighbours. She ‘directs’ individuals in certain positions and patterns in relation to one another, which are then photographed, and uses clothing to illustrate where the connections lie and how they are constantly shifting. Her work is based on a huge collection of images and texts relating to people’s clothing behaviour patterns. Robaard does not categorise them as 'fashion', but wants to find out how clothing works. Her archive can be seen as a cartographic record of everyday clothing. Robaard moves simultaneously through the various zones of visual art, photography, video and fashion. Moving through art, photography, video and fashion her beautifully designed book Folders, Suits, Pockets, Files, Stock includes texts by Gilles Deleuze, Roland Barthes, Robert Bresson, Jorinde Seijdel and the artist herself.

///////// THIS TIME IT IS PRIVATE /////////

News on alumni and/or current students and/or lecturers.You are all most welcome to send in your announcements to r.liongakong@artez.nl.


Gebreide organen (knitted organs)
newspaper article

The Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad wrote an article about knitted organs. One of the featuring artists was current DAI student Jimini Hignett.
Website Jimini Hignett: http://www.fijnevleeswaren.nl/


STREETART TODAY - electronic art in public space
November 20 - December 13 2008

Streetart Today is a medialab project investigating electronic art in public space. Documentation, videopresentations, books, articles, prints etc are being exhibited as a platform to resarch and network in the medialab at the former Volkskrant building. Streetart Today is a project for developing the Festival on media art in public space that PLANETART will produce in the near future for the Veemkade at the IJ in Amsterdam.
Among the participants is mobilevideonet.com an initiative of Danny Jeroense and DAI alumnus Gerco Lindeboom.
Opening: November 20, 20:00
PLANETART Medialab Artspace, Wibautstraat 150, Amsterdam


November 21 - December 14 2008

Four painters - Udona Boerema, Mirjana Tomic, Remco Dikken and current DAI student Omar Koubaa - are showing recent works in the exhibitiom ROUM.
Opening: November 20, 16:00
Location: AkkuH, Tuindorpstraat 61, Hengelo


oh, du lieber Augustin
November 12 - 26 2008

oh, du lieber Augustin is an exhibition of Georgian and Russian artist in the Radovan-Halle in Vienna. Among the participants is DAI alumnus Tatia Skhirtladze.
In the context of this exhibition Georgiean and Russian movies will be screened.
Opening: November 12 2008, 19.00
Radovan-Halle am Yppenplatz, 1160 Wien
Info: k.schmiede.go@on.at


Codzienne Wiadomości
November 14 - December 10 2008

DAI alumnus Maciek Duchowski is showing recent paintings in Galeria Łazienkowska.
Galeria Łazienkowska, ul. Łazienkowska 7, Warsaw. Poland
Opening: November 14, 18:00


Eurora Festival "East West Burlesque"
November 9 - December 21 2008

The first edition of Eurora Festival "East West Burlesque" will be held in a setting of a cold winter revolution, hand in hand with a warm solidarity. Among the participants are DAI alumnus Kamila Szejnoch. Kamila will be one of the ‘Artist in Focus’ on Saturday November 15.
The festival takes place in different locations in Rotterdam.
More info: http://www.oostwestburlesk.nl/


AURORA 2008, The Infinite Measure
November 12-16 2008

Film poem by DAI alumnus Iris Tenkink was selected to be screened at Aurora festival in Norwich, UK.


PERSPECTIVE 2008 a Contemporary Feminist Art Project
November 13 – December 13 2008
From November 13 till December 13 current DAI student Barbara Philipp, participates in the group show ‘PERSPECTIVE 2008 a Contemporary Feminist Art Project’. The exhibition is curated by Olivia Nitis and will take place in the Anaid Gallery in Bucharest, Roumania.


Encontros e Aproximações
November 10 - December 7 2008

The exhibition Encontros e Aproximações will gather nine loop works that were selected for the 16th International Electronic Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil at the Chapel of the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia.
The set of works represents the search for new ways of appreciating the moving image. The exhibition includes As Mãos do Epô (Ayrson Heráclito, BA), Conflito (Ludmila Ferolla, RJ), Soco na imagem (Danillo Barata, BA), The Slippery Mountain (Sergey Provorov and Galina Myznikova, Russia), Fast/Slow_Scapes (Giselle Beiguelman, SP), Flow (Joanna Hoffmann, Poland), Psycho(s): A Live Remix (Ip Yuk-Yiu & ST, China), Das partes (current DAI student Veridiana Zurita, SP), and Jerk Off 2: Projeto dízima periódica (Alice Miceli, RJ).


Corpo instalaçao
October 23 – November 9 2008

Current DAI student Veridiana Zurita is showing her recent video installation SINK on the third edition of the Body Installation festival in São Paulo (Brazil).
SESC Pompéia, Rua Clélia 93, São Paulo, 05042000, Brazil


Werkplaats Thorbecke
October 19 - November 16 2008

Presentation of four concepts for a statue of the 19th century Dutch statesman in The Hague by DAI project leader Florian Göttke, DAI advisor to the students Hans van Houwelingen, André Kruyssen and Gerlinde Schuller.
Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, 2514 HA Den Haag


November 7 2008, 18:30

Marlijn Heder and DAI alumnus Jolanda Jansen will give a performance at the Binkhorstlaan 36, The Hague.
More information:


November 8 – December 14 2008

WIT, a project by Centrum Beeldende Kunst ’s-Hertogenbosch and bART in which among others current DAI student Suzanne van Rest is participating.
CBK ’s-Hertogenbosch, Hekellaan 2, 5211 LX ’s-Hertogenbosch


Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen
November 14- 16 2008

Current DAI student Hidenori Mitsue is represente Galerie New Untitled on Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen.
Contemporary Art Ruhr, Neukircher Mühle 29, 45239 Essen, Germany


BMW Award 2008: Truth and Other Tales
November 14 -16 2008

For Black Magic Woman Award 2008 are nominated: Kostana Banovic, Alexis Blake, DAI-alumnus Danielle (DAI-alumnus) en Evelien Davidson en Judith Leysner.
Opening exhibition: November14, 17:00
BMW Award: November 16, 16.00-18.00


Fighting of the Spirits
October 18 – December 20 2008

At the occasion of the opening on October 18 of the brand new arts centre AkkuH in Hengelo DAI-alumnus Iris Tenkink’s latest production, the video work Fighting of the Spirits will be premiered.
F. Hazemeijerstraat 800, 7555 RJ Hengelo
(074) 291 02 32


Ruben van Klaveren
October 11 – November 9 2008

Current DAI student Ruben van Klaveren is showing recent video works in Corrosia!
Opening: October 11, 15.00 by Macha Roesink
Corrosia!, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Flevoland, Markt 5, 1354 AP Almere Haven