Study delay, deferal in relation to tuition fees EU students in a nutshell

Study delay & re-enrolment:

Normally EU students who add extra time to their studies each month pay 1/12thof the annual tuition fees for the duration of their additional enrolment. In response to the Covid-19 crisis the Dutch government is considering the option of some additional month of tuition-free enrolment after August 31st for students in their final year, whose graduation is delayed by the crisis. The final outcome of the talks about this, and who will be eligible for this extension, has not yet been published.


Students who think of cancelling there enrolment have the right to do this, and can do this through studielink.

First year students should be aware that DAI projects all cover a full year, which means that credits can only be awarded upon completion of the project at the end of the academic year.

EU and Dutch students who cancel their enrolment during the year also lose certain rights, such a study finance, student healthcare, and possibly also the right for the compensation of lost time with an additional tuition free period of study that is being discussed by the government right now.

Finally, students should seek permission with the ArtEZ central examination committee for a cancellation of their enrollment during the academic year– anybody who wishes to defer for a maximum of a year needs this permission to protect their right to pay the lower EU tuition fees upon return.

ArtEZ strongly advises students who want to discontinue their studies first to discuss this with the student trajectory co-ordinator of their course and the student counsellor for advice and support.

More information about registration and de-registration can be found in the ArtEZ student charter and it’s appendice: