Costs of registration in the Netherlands & visa applications for non EU /EEA passportholders

As a non-EU student wishing to register in the Netherlands, you must transfer

a financial guarantee of

€ 22.573,-

You will only need to transfer the financial guarantee once,

as your residency permit will be valid for the duration of your studies 

In most cases, confirmed scholarships can be deducted from the financial guarantee.

The financial guarantee should be transferred to the bank account of DAI's parent institution: the ArtEZ University of the Arts. Part of this sum (11.194 Euro) is required to prove that you can support yourself financially in the Netherlands for the upcoming academic year. 

ArtEZ will use the financial guarantee to pay your tuition fees and to cover the costs of application for entry visa and residence permit (207 Euro) and health insurance (472 Euro).

Once you have opened your Dutch bank account, ArtEZ will transfer the remainder of your financial guarantee to this account. Accordingly, you can use the remainder to cover your living expenses and insurance. 


See also the ArtEZ website