Sanne Kabalt

Sanne Kabalt is an artist from Amsterdam who works with the medium of photography, often accompanied by writing. After her studies in photography at the HKU (2011) she obtained her MA degree from the Dutch Art Institute (2018).

At present, Sanne is engaged in a long-term research on mental and physical illness, focusing on the complex relations between pain and language, between what is (un)seen and (un)said. Her first book, ‘Zolang je niet zo over problemen praat zie je er toch niks van’ (which roughly translates to ‘As long as you don’t talk about problems so much you won’t see them anyway’) was published in 2018 by Het Vijfde Seizoen. Other threads in her work are mourning, loss and how we attempt to ‘save’ people who are no longer there in photographs.

Recent exhibitions include Württembergischer Kunstverein (Germany), Public-Source (UK), Lítost Gallery (Czech Republic), Institute for Provocation (China), Leveld Kunstnartun (Norway), Ithaka Festival (Belgium) and Yellow Brick (Greece). Also, Sanne often gives workshops, in the forests of Buitenkunst (NL) and elsewhere.