Join our comrades Giulia Crispiani (DAI, 2017), Golrokh Nafisi and Ahmadali Kadivar for their MANIFESTO AGAINST NOSTALGIA (2019). After its first proclamation in Farsi and English in January 2019 in Tehran and in September in Rome, the Dutch version will be enounciated at Framer Framed during Amsterdam Art Weekend, in front of its venue twice on Sunday November 24.

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AMSTERDAM ART WEEKEND 2019 AT FRAMER FRAMED Outdoor Performance: 24 NOV 2019, 16:00 & 16:45

Manifesto Against Nostalgia is a project conceived for public spaces, galleries and spaces in between art institutions and their neighborhoods. It questions the usage of the word nostalgia in relation to the current socio-political rhetoric that relies on the glorification of—and a sort of nostalgia for—a past that never truly existed. Manifesto Against Nostalgia suggests alternative folds, beside the usual linear vector from past to future, in order to re-frame the relationship between individual agency and collective imagination.

Each time the project travels to a new city, it shapes itself according to local language and traditions. Each performance and installation happens in collaboration with local folk musicians, informed by the longstanding traditions combining folk music and enunciation, based on the universal image of a town crier who shares announcements within a music register. The project format adopts each time a site-specific linguistic form, from manifesto to poetry, from religious ritual to chant.

You can also see the exhibition Elsewheres Within Here (2019) by Jo-Lene Ong during Amsterdam Art Weekend, on 21-24 November at Framer Framed.

Giulia Crispiani

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