Raffia Li: I-我 we/us-我们 you-你/你们 They- TA/TA们

Pointingsigningsoundingplaying with the (      ) and the (          )

To all the shapes TA们 falling at different/the same present/absent times/time

TA我们crossingpassinginterruptingholding(           ) 你我TA们(                        )Possible shape
(           )Possible shape  
letting all the unnamed(             )

All (     ) and other (            )
for 你
dear friends

(              ) question mark


Barby Asante, Lisette Lagnado and Momtaza Mehri will respond to the question:

(                                                                ) ?

Raffia Li's UNDERSTORY CHANT 2021 aeroponic act, I-我 we/us-我们 you-你/你们 They- TA/TA们 will be performed before live audience at, as well as live-streamed from, the Posttheater in Arnhem on August 25th.

Please find all details here: https://dutchartinstitute.eu/page/16592