Zane Zajančkauska: Why does it bring such a joy?

An archive of slippages, ruptures and nonsensical outpourings, collected in the refugee camps at the end of the second world war. Words and non-words that were used to replace numbers that were used to start a game, captured, archived, ready to be misunderstood. An archive, opened up and re-enacted for the first time has turned our attention to the materiality of language, language beyond and before it is tamed and made proper.


Barby Asante, Lisette Lagnado and Momtaza Mehri will respond to the question: Why does it bring such a joy?

Zane Zajančkauska's UNDERSTORY CHANT 2021 aeroponic act, "Why does it bring such a joy?will be presented before live audience at, as well as live-streamed from, the Posttheater in Arnhem on August 26th

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