Csilla Klenyánszki: Bearing Fruits

Lets prefigure a way of manufacturing one another noncompetitively [...] Where pregnancy is concerned, let every pregnancy be for everyone.” (Sophie Lewis, Full Surrogacy Now)

Standing in the produce aisle, looking at all these fresh fruits and vegetables I remember these lines from Sophie LewisFull Surrogacy Now and Im thinking How can I share this experience with you?




Barby Asante, Lisette Lagnado and Momtaza Mehri will respond to the question:Did you notice anything from your birth?

Csilla Klenyánszki's UNDERSTORY CHANT 2021 aeroponic act, "Bearing Fruitswill be presented before live audience at, as well as live-streamed from, the Posttheater in Arnhem on August 27th

Please find all details here: https://dutchartinstitute.eu/page/16592