Clara Winter and Miguel Ferráez: no cops, no jails, no linear fucking time


the (con)temporary condition is a net woven with temporising gestures. Instant photography (whether a single-shot or 240 per second) from portable digital devices is compressing the symbolic order of time (past, present and future) into a single dense time-window: the extended present.



Barby Asante, Lisette Lagnado and Momtaza Mehri will respond to the question: are you also going knots with these tempor(e)alities?

Clara Winter and Miguel Ferráez's UNDERSTORY CHANT 2021 aeroponic act, "no cops, no jails, no linear fucking time" will be presented before live audience at, as well as live-streamed from, the Posttheater in Arnhem on August 25th

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