2018-2019 DAIcumentary to be premiered on July 3rd, 2019 at WALTER books in Arnhem, at the occasion of the site-visit by a panel of experts, as part of the so-called "accreditation", a governmental quality standard inquiry. WATCH THE TRAILER HERE.

Study, Bodies and the Spaceship: Movements in a Minor Key ~ the film

will feature:








and others. 


To be premiered on July 3rd, 2019 at WALTER books in Arnhem, at the occasion of a site-visit, as part of the so-called accreditation, a governmental quality standard inquiry. In higher education, if an institution or programme is "accredited", this means that the quality of the education that it offers has been positively assessed by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). This in fact is required for official registration and state funding and has to be renewed after a certain number of years. The site-visit or "visitation" is an important part of the accreditation trajectory.

An independent panel of experts has been called to assess four programs at the Graduate School of ArtEZ, among them the DAI (our last accreditation took place in 2013). Because of, at least for DAI, quite unfortunate planning, time-wise, the visit of the panel 2019 will take place right after we have concluded the academic year on the 30th of June in Cagliari and none of our current students will be available in Arnhem to engage in a conversation with the experts. DAI has commisioned Krista Jantowski and Silvia Ulloa to make a documentary based on interviews with our students and alumni."Study, Bodies and the Spaceship: Movements in a Minor Key" was shot on location, for the largest part during our DAI Weeks in Cagliari (South Italy) and Epen (South Netherlands) in January and February 2019 and aims to offer a glimpse of DAI's modus operandi as Planetary Campus during a "normal, regular" DAI-Week. On top of that, a student-collective consisting of Joannie Baumgärtner, Vinita Gatne, Gayatri Kodikal and Anastasia McCammon has produced a textual reflection ("Eleven Standards, Four Students, One Art Institute" ~ please scroll to find it below) on DAI in relation to the standards given by the Ministry of Education. This text has been added to the portfolio with information compiled and prepared by the staff of the Graduate School that the panel of experts was given to ground their inquiry in the overriding structure that holds the four programmes.

In addition to the screening of the film, at DAI we are both thrilled and honoured to have Ayesha Hameed on board as our so called "domain-specific referent", invited to attend our AEROPONIC ACTS in Berlin as well as our COOP SUMMIT 2019 in Cagliari where she meets with our students and tutorial teams and shares the DAI's quotidian on location. Ayesha Hameed contributed as a guest-lecturer to two of our Roaming Assemblies: Roaming Assembly#13 ~ THE NAVIGATION PRINCIPLE as well as Roaming Assembly#24 ~ Opaque Justice: A Dialectics of Rerouting and she will furthermore attend Roaming Assembly#25 ~ RADIO MUTINY taking place in Cagliari on the 30th of June. Thus, she will have acquired a broad overview of the DAI's three defining curriculum constitutents: HowToDoThingsWithTheory, the COOP study groups and finally, the Planetary Campus and will be perfectly equipped to share her observations.   

On the 3th of July, the following people will be present at WALTERbooks in Arnhem to engage in a conversation with the NVAO's panel of experts:

Dr. S. Ayesha Hameed

(Artist and researcher, Programme Leader for the MA in Contemporary Art Theory in the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths University of London and present in Arnhem as "domain-specific referent".)

Binna Choi 

(COOP study group tutor and director of Casco, one of DAI 's longstanding working partners)

Krista Jantowski

(Film director of Study, Bodies and the Spaceship and the initiator and owner of WALTER books as well as the "Dream", a joint venture between WALTER and DAI),

Nick Aikens (via skype)

(PHD Candidate Valand Art Academy, University of Gothenburg; COOP study group tutor and curator at another partnering institution, namely the Van Abbemuseum)

Isabelle Sully 

(Isabelle Sully works across art-making, curating, editing and writing. She received a Master of Arts (Art Praxis) from the Dutch Art Institute in 2017. Originally from Melbourne, she now lives in Rotterdam where she is managing editor at Extra Extra and editor-in-chief at Publication Studio.)

Gabriëlle Schleijpen

(DAI's Head of Program, artistic director)

Program at WALTER books 

Looierstraat 43, 6811 AV Arnhem

13:30 welcome 

13:45 Introduction Gabriëlle Schleijpen 

14:00 Screening Study, Bodies and the Spaceship: Movements in a Minor Key

14:30 Spoken reflection Ayesha Hameed

14:45 Q & A panel and all present

15:20 Guided walk panel to the ArtEZ Headquarters at the Rietveld building 

15:30 (?)

Continuation of the assessment, now together with representatives of DAI,  Fashion Held in Common and Fashion Strategy, Werkplaats Typography, as well as of staff and director of the Graduate School as well as the board of ArtEZ. 

Eleven Standards, Four Students, One Art Institute