Mirjam Linschooten (DAI, 2017) presents Re-Collections / Between You and Me at Cemeti — Institute for Art and Society in Indonesia. On view until 31 May 2019

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Through a series of reproductions this project maps the trajectory and interpretations of an object from the Amsterdam Tropenmuseum collection. Considered to be 'Dutch national heritage’, it begs the question: What does the “Dutch heritage” of an object originally from Raja Ampat, West Papua, consist of?
This installation reminds us of the various roles it has played in different stories, asking: With a changing perspective on material culture, how can we update the memory of ourselves? And what is the role of such objects of re-collection in this process? 


Starting from the idea that each person is a walking archive of personal (p)references, daily activities, desires, images and memories, as counter stories to dominant narratives on culture and history, this project proposes to open up these views to the personal spaces of memory and daily activities. In collaboration with six cultural practitioners from Yogyakarta, locations were proposed and visited to activate personal stories, memories and associations.

Between You and Me

Mirjam Linschooten (DAI, 2017)

Supported by  Mondriaan Fonds