2019 RA #23 ~ PEDRO G. ROMERO 'The Hallucinated Exiled'

| tag: Dessau

15.00-15.30 The Hallucinated Exiled by Pedro G. Romero

Exile produces its own forms. If we think of “the New Babylonians”, the inhabitants of New Babylon by Constant, we will understand how those forms of exile have contributed to one of the essential elements of Modernity. During Bohemia, the avant-garde movements or counterculture there is a permanent morphological movement, an entire Nomadology. New Babylon is at the same time the peak of Modernity and its ruins. The Modernist ideal of the Bauhaus, for example, was assaulted by the “Babylonians” of the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus and its ruin was dispersed throughout the world. Nowadays, in the times of cultural classes, exile is a main modern condition. The forms of exile, the jargons of the nomads are the only possibility against the Orwellian neo-language that spreads out around the world. A form of struggle against the algorithm.

Roaming Assembly#23 ~ Babel/New Babylon. Forms of Education and Architecture that Exile Returns