30th March: I Have Got an Empty Space —an itinerant curatorial experiment which includes site-specific interventions in places that already have their own lives— is pleased to present the INTERVENTO No 1: I've got an empty space by guest artist Alejandro Cerón (DAI, 2018).

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The name of the hosting reality is appropriated and slightly modified by Cerón in response and clear reference to the similarities between host and guest. Indeed, working in collaborative contaminating dialogue, I Have Got and Empty Space and I’ve got and empty space are born together. The grammatical contraction within Alejandro’s title refers to concrete differences between both, host and guest.

INTERVENTO No 1: I’ve got an empty space.

I’ve got an empty space is an installation, an infrastructure and a public program operating at the intersection between art and education. Including a variety of discursive and performative actions composed by a series of collaborations between practitioners from various fields, I’ve got an empty space takes place during the months of April, May and June.

‘‘We refuse the logic that stages refusal as inactivity, as the absence of a plan and as a mode of stalling real politics.’’1

It might look a lot like I do nothing, but doing nothing is never so. Through an approach of active refusal as a negative practice I fill up the void with suspended potentiality. Friends help me—people I trust and whom I decide to give trust to. Speculative conversations and ongoing cooperative study nourish the form and content of a space with, for and through Others.

Notions such as ‘useless’, ‘purposeless’ or ‘wasted’ time are only descriptive assumptions of an implausible action. The understanding of what is convenient or productive is evolutive, a process in perpetual transformation.

According to these premises, I have curated a specific selection of tools and actions that favour dialogical and social practices.

What & When

30th March, 17 - 20 h. Opening: With presentation by Inkconnection, I Have Got an Empty Space and Alejandro Cerón. April’s program will be disclosed.

I Have Got and Empty Space (Via Carteria 19, Modena. Italy).


* The empty space is limited, we therefore kindly request you to confirm possible attendance.


1 Fred Moten & Stefano Harney. The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Studies (Minor Compositions, 2013)