"We all need a world capable of remaking itself with each crossing." Quote from a great conversation with Erin Manning, published under the title "how the minor moves us: across thresholds, socialities, and techniques", by Open! Platform for Art, Culture & the Public Domain. Read it here.

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Halbe Kuipers converses with Erin Manning, philosopher and director of the SenseLab, an international network based in Montreal, of artists and academics, writers and makers, working together at the crossroads of philosophy, art, and activism. From a thinking that is beyond the unique individual, the conversation focuses on the concept of minor sociality, the perspective of the treshold and techniques to challenge Whiteness.

"We must take the risk of no longer feeling carefree in the crossing. This work is not about being an ally in the sense of opening the door for someone else. The door has to be opened but this must be done through an awareness of how we who cross easily have assisted in sustaining the easy threshold’s existing choreography. We must be allies to the process more than to the individual, seeing our own crossing as a symptom of how much is missed in experience. Those who bear the burden don’t need Whiteness to support them. They need Whiteness to defeat itself. We all need a world capable of remaking itself with each crossing."

Read the full interview here