Sunday 27 January at 6:30 pm at in OT301: LAUNCH of Kunstlicht’s VOLUME 39 No.2, co-edited by our one and only Planetary Campus & COOP study groups co-ordinator Nikos Doulos together with anthropologist Herbert Ploegman. Designed by WALTER book's Corine van der Wal and with contributions by alumns larose ( DAI, 2017) and Dimitra Kondylatou ( DAI, 2017) among others.

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Join Kunstlicht at OT301 on Sunday Jan 27th for the launch event of their new issue ‘Unpacking Residencies: Situating the production of cultural relations’ Kunstlicht Vol. 39, 2018, no. 2.  

The upcoming issue of Kunstlich addresses the role and significance of art residencies. The issue critically unpacks the stakes involved in perpetuating current models, and examines the potential of art residencies to foster counter-narratives and subversive modes of cultural production. With contributions by - among others - W.A.G.E., Angela Serino, Mariska van den Berg and DAI alumni (2017) larose and Dimitra Kondlylatou


- Short Welcome by Kunstlicht editor-in-chief Iris Pissaride

- Issue presentation by managing editors Herbert Ploegman and Nikos Doulos

- Presentation of the work “Yield” by artist Laura Wiedijk

- Short Film by artist Dimitra Kondylatou followed by a conversation

Doors open at 18:30.

The programme will begin at 19:00 sharp.

Do stay with us after the end of the programme to continue our conversations with a drink at the bar!

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