2018 - 2020 Matthew Wang (Singapore)

Matthew Wang’s most recent work emphasises experience and process. Nomadism features in his practice, both as a mode of living and method of working, accentuating processes and experiences that give rise to unconventional ways of living. In A Walk from Berlin to Vienna, Matthew embarked on a 30-day journey where he was passed on from host to host (some recommended, some random) until he was received at his destination. Matthew carried with him stories and other memorabilia along parts of the former East/West German divide. The work was not so much centred on the physical challenge but on the collection of new experiences and conversations. In Turbulence, Matthew spent £330 (the price for a visa to enter the UK) in flights, the rule being to purchase the cheapest and earliest available, on a continuous base. In this way, he attempted to stay within the ‘non-state’ zone of the airport, bouncing from location to location to avoid leaving immigration. After twelve flights in eight days, Matthew returned home. What Matthew brings to the DAI is his view of the world as shaped by the multifarious forces of global motion and rest, of forced displacements and desires, which sets him in a perfect position to do the most out of the community at the DAI.