2018 - 2020 Flávia Palladino (Brazil)

Flavia’s research critically examines how performances of gender, race and, class are socially and culturally constituted. Her activism runs parallel to her performative work, expanding the directions of her artistic development. More radically, The Witch is a project in which Flavia is trying to head on engage with notions of female autonomy in Brazil, whereby she travels bringing with her abortive pills that are forbidden in the country (the part that is accessible to the spectator is formed by documentation that goes from safety instructions and maps to invoices and accountability of the funds spent). Suely Rolnik has said that 'Flavia has always created works from the disquietudes provoked by current problems – in the fields of culture, social life and politics – seeking out to hear the effects of these situations in the experience of her own body’. Flavia is currently combining her studies at DAI with a Master’s degree in Gender, Intersectionality and Change at Linköping University in Sweden.