2018 - 2020 Anastasia McCammon (Greece/Cyprus)

Two main strands are identifiable in Anastasia’s work, both rooted in a cultural-anthropological approach to contemporary dance and performance: one is based on the presence of the body as shaped by a local environment (hence the relevance of travelling and particularly her engagement with Cyprus’ political history and folk tradition), whereas the other is about the use of digital media and the body on screen. Her research is cemented on an extensive international practice, both as curator and performer (as a dancer, she was a member of the The University of California Santa Barbara Dance Company in 2016–17), with projects in California, Cyprus, and London, among other locations, supported by numerous awards and scholarships (e.g. The Arnhold Scholarship for the Dance Education Laboratory, Summer Institute New York). Anastasia, who is a member of the Xarkis NGO as the Dance and Theater Residency Coordinator, has also a considerable academic experience, having delivered papers in congresses and publishing critical articles, such as Divided Bodies; Choreographies of Nationalism, Tradition, and Resistance on the Island of Cyprus, published on occasion of the Congress on Research in Dance and Society of Dance History Scholars, at Pomona College (Claremont, California, 2016). Anastasia is exploring ways to put her creative writing in service of her critical writing, a sort of hybridisation that contains a very promising trajectory.