2018 - 2020 Risa Horn (United States)

Risa Horn’s extensive practice moves well beyond the artistic. She trained in Ayurveda, became an Ayurvedic cook, worked as a chef, recipe tester, home healthcare worker and post-partum doula. This resonates with a strong creative drive crystallised in a multidisciplinary profile that includes video, photography, choreography, and performance Her certificate from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and her degree from Tufts University became substantiated by significant writing experience both in criticism and fiction. All these elements come into play in her current research project To Inherit the Wind, about an extinct music instrument, in which imagination is crucial in order to reconstruct it, as well as oral transmission and its relationship with the written text. There is a performative element in her research, by which she is training her body to become the instrument. Writing is approached by Risa as a form of artistic production, specifically in the form of the artist’s novel, employed as a medium to induce narrative immersion and a protracted engagement with her work, which she will continue to develop during her studies at DAI. In order to pursue her study trajectory at the DAI, Risa received an interest free loan from the Maarten van Hengel Study Loan Program from The Netherlands America Foundation.