2018 - 2020 Dayna Casey (The Netherlands / Australia)

Dayna Casey experiments with ‘the viewer’s perception within the act of reading, the distance between information and knowledge, and the role of memory herein.’ Indeed, in the essay that is part of her project Next, Rising, Mood (Zabriskie Point, Geneva), her text moves through a well-structured train of thoughts, guiding the reader through her points with clarity and efficiency. A graphic designer by training (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague), we can see in her work a specific kind of synaesthesia, by which she experiences time sequences (days, years, lifespans) as spatial mappings. Whereas the translation of time in space is for others a metaphor to use in philosophical explanations of different conceptions of time (linear, cyclical, etc.), to her it constitutes a literal sensorial experience. This interest manifests itself in different conceptions of time, extra dimensions, and how these apparently metaphysical questions actually affect our current social and political landscape (pseudo-scientific theories, chronobiopolitics, assumed sequentiality, and narratives). Dayna’s motivation to join the DAI is based on her desire to ‘venture beyond the two-dimensional realm.’ This means to explore the third and fourth dimension – space, time, and experience – and incorporate it into her practice, which will, no doubt, help develop her conception of graphic design as an autonomous, research-based practice in its own right.