2018–2020 Martina Mächler (Switzerland)

Martina Mächler’s artistic and academic trajectory revolves around questions of subjectivity, the post-human and data, exemplified in the performance Balance, presented at the end of her BFA studies at the Zürich University of the Arts. Balance is a financial report covering that period of her life; its data visualised in two-coloured diagrams in a Keynote slide show, monotonously delivered by the artist, orally, in the role of a CEO of her own biography. She does not write a memoir, nor does she employ storytelling techniques – instead, she filters her personal experiences, and thus her subjectivity, through tools that translate her life into terms that are understandable by post-human entities and devices in the wake of late capitalism. Similarly, SEO, is a performance and a publication of texts written by Martina as a paid job in the area of Search Engine Optimisation. By embodying processes and languages initially not destined to a human audience but bots and analytical programmes through performance, Martina connects with a tradition where the subjectivity of the author gets buried under an unwieldy amount of data, usually by way of writing (Roman Opalka, Hanne Darboven). At DAI, it is expected that Martina will be able to deepen in her artistic research about time, expenditure, and the indexical traces left behind by a lived life.