2018 - 2020 Marc Norbert Hörler (Switzerland)

Marc has a background in linguistics and music. Combined with a multilingual capacity, reading and writing have become central to Marc’s practice. He asserts to write in order to be able to read, which is an original approach to artistic creation, of being a reader above everything. This is resonated in his idiosyncratic writing style and specific literary choices. Marc makes a correlation between the political need to deconstruct linguistic habits and the generative possibilities of poetry. These ideas are liable to find a very interesting extension in the relationship between poetry and research, connecting, in so doing, with current debates about creative (art) criticism. For example, in some of his performative readings pieces he plays with the stimulation of other senses, like smell, by way of diffusion of essential oils, creating a performative experience that mixes poetry, scents, and sounds – creating a sensorial landscape that exceeds the purely visual. At DAI, he will keep exploring and developing this innovative creative strand that integrates installation, poetry, and performance.