2018 - 2020 Julian Fricker

Queer Longing.

A solo danced performance lecture on opening up possibilities of queer world-making

Queer Longing investigates the interconnectedness of queer subjects and how they navigate through the performance of longing beyond the present, striving for worlds full of hope and possibilities. The work aims to detect the “cracks” in the hetero- and homonormative present of various crises by enacting new queer lifeworlds that serve as survival strategies that move beyond the dancefloor.

Julian Fricker's AEROPONIC ACT  Queer Longing will be live-streamed from Radio Kootwijk on August 27th at 11.30am

Afterwards Amit S. Rai, Ana Teixeira Pinto, and Adam Szymczyk will respond to the question When does longing become belonging?


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