2018 - 2020 Sepideh Behrouzian (Iran)

Sepideh Behrouzian holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts (Teheran University of Arts, Iran) and her work investigates ‘the dichotomy of nature and un-nature by asking questions of authenticity, history and visibility’. As such, landscape has been a long-term leitmotif in Sepideh’s work. Whereas, at some point, it functioned as a theme to be represented by means of drawing, painting, and photography, her artistic development transformed the notion of landscape in an area of activity related to bodily perception. This evolution naturally asks for other media such as installation- and site-specific interventions. The Very First Moment is a point in case, where graphite, oil, and a TV monitor collide with fragments of ancient clay pots, in order to create ‘a cosmological landscape installation that investigates the relation between culture and nature. Drawing remains Sepideh’s favoured means of expression, which, in her hands, is turned into a particular way of theorising, as if taking this medium beyond the visual realm and into a framework of epistemological inquiry. Sepideh is a recipient of the ArtEZ Scholarship and of the Magic of Persia Scholarship for Higher Education, both awarded in 2018.