2017 ~ Sunday October 22: Roaming Assembly #16 ~ MAD TEA PARTY: GONZO CURATING AND BEYOND: ‘Borrowing Enjoyment’ ~ by Ghalya Saadawi

21.01.18 | tag: Cologne

Borrowing Enjoyment

by Ghalya Saadawi

There are assumed political implications to appropriation and fiction as kin tactics of retaliation in Contemporary Art. The former is seen to neutralize the original, to undermine the art institution/canon, or to use history as a repository of material, etc. The talk attempts to unpack the terms and limits of these codes that underpin much Contemporary Art. It discusses the temporality of certain appropriation strategies (for example, that much appropriation is by default past-facing, or that appropriation has been reappropriated, inside and outside art), and asks if appropriation is always tied to fiction, and what are the conditions of that fiction when the author is already dead. Appropriation and fiction via jostling for subject positions and ‘alternate’ voices, is no longer sufficient to construct activities, either towards the ‘restoration of truth’, or towards the building of new strategies for art that wants to have implications.