Factory workshop: The Third Reich of Dreams

Saturday March 17, Arnhem. 

A workshop about Charlotte Beradt’s collection of dreams,

led by Anja Scheffer in preparation of  


Why do we dream?

In which situation do we dream?

What is the background of these dreams?

Where can I find myself in Beradt´s text?

How can I transport the text? Make it transparent?

How can the text occupy (public) space?

How can we stage those dreams?

Opening up an experimental field, based on and dealing with Charlotte Beradt’s book The Third Reich of Dreams, in which the journalist publishes dreams collected from totalitarian Germany between 1933-37, we will work with the tools of classical theater (like playing with text, working with it from different perspectives) and with diverse approaches like brainstorming, self presentation, addressing, voice and speech, text interpretation. We also work with experimental settings and laboratory situations.

Our experiences and view on the text will be staged for the symposium, giving Beradt´s written words a (contemporary) voice.

Or using Beradts words:

The dreams we are concerned with... arose from conflicts into which these people had been driven by a public realm in which half-truths, vague notions, and a combination of fact, rumor, and conjecture had produced a general feeling of uncertainty and unrest. These dreams may deal with disturbed human relations, but it was the environment that had disturbed them...“

All participants will receive a collection of texts before the DAI week and choose one longer or several shorter texts (not more than half a page) to learn by heart in preparation for the workshop. Please try to speak the text without any interpretation, no special attitude, no tone, just technical.

We will build up a scenario from there...