2017-2019 Ciprian Burete (Roumania)

In addition to his individual practice, Ciprian Burete (who earned his BFA at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid) runs an artists’ initiative in Madrid’s most multicultural area, a space called El cuarto de invitados, which aspires to cover the gaps and needs of day-to-day artistic production in a highly institutionalised art world. Alongside a group of peer art graduates, he co-organises and runs the programme, which is mainly based on the invitation of guest curators and revolves around exhibitions, workshops, and public discussions. Ciprian’s sense of self-initiative is complemented by an autonomous practice that, by means of drawing, video, and installation offers a glimpse into the intricacies of the self and its position in the environment where it lives; governed by societal codes of representation (as a political subject, as a migrant, etc.).