2017-2019 Livio Casanova (Switzerland)

Livio Casanova began studying Visual Communication, which found continuation in a Bachelor in Fine Arts, in the Bern University of the Arts. The best way of approaching his work is seeing it as revolving around the semiotic notion of floating signifier. Livio takes ‘signs’ and displays them in all their literality, keeping them in a ‘floating condition’ indefinitely until they expose their own absurdity. His work has also a component of institutional critique, as demonstrated in the clever way he played with museum conventions in Archiv – 80 Jahre Bündner Kunst, in the Bündner Kunstmuseum (Switzerland), in which he made use of the museum’s archive and the museum’s shop. This piece was consigned afterwards to the museum’s collection. Livio’s ongoing reading research, which he defines as a gradual process of unlearning, is sure to find a suitable environment in DAI’s theory class.