2017-2019 Sara Cattin (Italy)

Sara Cattin’s practice oscillates between autonomous artistic production and the mediation of other artists’ works. You Know What I Mean is a good example of the latter: an online resource for cultural workers, where some contributors offer ideas for others to take and develop. It is a free database of creative ideas, in which the sheer dynamic of exchange suffices to undermine conventional notions of authorship and artistic production. Sara, who obtained her BFA degree at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, worked as a cultural mediator in the residency programme in the Fondazione Michelangelo Pistoletto. She was also a member of the co-working studio space Laboratorio Artistico Pietra, in Turin, a non-profit self-managed initiative that brings together artists, scenographers, illustrators, and sound and lighting engineers, opening the doors to its community by means of a variety of public events, some of which have been curated by her. More recently, Sara has been employed as art residency staff at Hotel Maria Kapel (Hoorn) and Viadellafucina16 (Turin).