2017-2019 Bethany Crawford (UK)

Bethany Crawford obtained her BA in Moving Image at the University of Brighton. During her studies, she enjoyed international exchanges with Nagoya University of the Arts, Kitanagoya, Aichi (supported by an EASE Arts grant), and the International Academy of Art in Ramallah. Bethany deals with personal issues (grief, death, belonging), which she approaches through a ‘deflective quality of making film’, deflective here being congruent with reflective. She deals with global political issues (migration, post-colonialism) in order to streamline the subjective artistic matter and make it intelligible to others. She has defined her research area on the ethnographic quality of the moving image and the ethical implications of making work abroad (the difficult balance between observation and participation in documentary cinema). Bethany has worked in numerous commissions as documentary videographer, photographer, and editor; she has furthermore experience as curator, and as author of a paper published in TransMissions: Journal of Film and Media Studies (Jagiellonian University, Poland).