2017-2019 Teresa Distelberger (Austria)

Teresa Distelberger, who holds a degree in Applied Linguistics, Film and Gender Studies (University of Vienna), works in an area chiefly focused on filmmaking and performance. She has directed long-feature documentaries as well as created an abundant production of short films, some of which reflect her experience living in a matriarchal culture in Mexico. Teresa is also a group facilitator and political activist. She has produced educational projects for sustainable companies, as well as conferences about topics of alternative economical systems and is working with a refugee protest collective. More recently, she has co-created events that bring together tradition, immersive performance and role-play. She uses her films and performances to open spaces where people confront their ghosts and heal past traumas, working primarily with supressed feelings around Austrian’s role in WWII, which finds an echo in Austrian people’s reaction to the current tragedy of refugees.