2017-2019 Lucie Draai (The Netherlands)

Graduated with a BFA in the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, Lucie Draai interweaves her personal biography with history by means of installation, printed matter, and storytelling performance. For example, her publication Invisible Lines of Thought – Materializing Esuama, Place of Authority accompanies the installation that she showed at Billytown gallery in The Hague. Archival material, archaeology, and a found 8 mm film shot by her father in Bogotá in 1977 trigger a narrative that begins with an inquiry about personal identity and connects with the Muisca Pre-Colombian civilisation and traditions, mythology, and religious life. Her previous experimentation with different materials (such as her research on silk-screen techniques carried out during her residency at Artist Proof Studio Johannesburg) is giving way to other enquiries that delve in the relationship between oral transmission and printed matter, and their specific qualities to transfer narrative contents.