2017-2019 Vinita Gatne (India)

Vinita Gatne holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Mumbai. She has engaged in explorations and interventions through design, pedagogical, artistic and research projects, which allowed her to elaborate on the marginalised conditions generated in the process of urbanism. She has been involved in design and teaching projects, as well as research and urban studies, such as The Architecture of Public Health Trusts in Colonial Bombay (supported by the Welcome Trust, UK), and Adaptation for Peri-Urban Communities (Maharashtra), acting as consultant for the World Resources Institute. She has worked as a researcher on projects for the Collective Research Initiatives Trust, and the Kamla Raheja Vidhyanidhi Institute of Architecture Design Cell. Currently, she is coordinating an international network called Seven Isles Unclaimed, along with other artists, filmmakers, curators and scholars working with moving image and photography. This project questions the authenticity of historical accounts tempered by social and economic struggles, creating the opportunity to look back into the historical timeline of the city of Mumbai.